JothiLakshmi Kannan Poems

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You And Me Together Forever

My Child
You are not lied
My love is an ocean where you born
Though drowned, not hurt inside stomach

Think About

Think about an early morning

Sun rays struggle to penetrate snow
And the roads take bath by rain
The baby's nose changed pink

Me Trying To Fail Always

I am the soul
Who never win a goal.
Talking to me is my plan
No other go, that's what I can

Unable To Wait

I am looking for perfect architect
Who can shape my feeling?
I believe it's only me
To sculpt by praying on knee

The Time Amazed And Dumbfound

The exact time, when heart and brain shall connect
And cut down all other communications
That leads to feel soul and body separately
With tears roll and happiness overflow

Rain And Me

Blessed from Heaven
Started fast and fell smooth
Scattered even and soaked well
Cleaned leaves and abandoned dry.

Not Even Gravity (Positive)

I am not Galileo
To state gravity accurately.

The mass can win gravity
Through force acted on it.

Not Even Gravity

When someone make you sick
Like choc induces cold
It's neither hard to void choc
Nor to fight cold.

Is Apocalypse Near To End?

'Every thing is good'
The phrase on evergreen wood
But this becomes Evil's food.

God created blackly dark

I Was Not... When I Purchased

I, in front of beautiful shop
Surrounded by a friend's call
Came to purchase
With all my motivating will.

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