The Time Amazed And Dumbfound Poem by JothiLakshmi Kannan

The Time Amazed And Dumbfound

The exact time, when heart and brain shall connect
And cut down all other communications
That leads to feel soul and body separately
With tears roll and happiness overflow

The perfect time, when stones can be melt to snow
Flood to flower, threat to treat, desert to daffodils.
That leads to stop thinking about tough times
With extend lips and glowing eyes.

The wonderful time, when my dad saw me with trophy
Giving it a gentle rub and tender touch.
That leads me to fly and to try more
With proud look and photo - lovely took

The breathtaking time, when my child got prize
My focal point towards her future rise
That leads to a change in my life style
With confident look and photo - gorgeously took

The spectacular time, when my son called me 'mum'
My world's is filled with indescribable pleasure
That leads to shape me in extraordinary dimension
With cloudy mood and frequency understood

The striking time, when my husband near lemon tree
Gave his first look with the pink shirt
That leads to carve his picture in heart
As a medicine for every wound and consolation bound

But all the time is same
So register your name
Love not only the fame
Work with a tame

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