Jude Fuhnwi Poems

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A Snatch Of Spring

When knees and heads went down,
All they asked Him was for their own
Even in faith, the pair was downtrodden
And phew! Yahweh shifted the burden.

In The Shadow Of Oppression

My people wail in pain
The world mute and deaf
Our oppressors kill and maim for gain
Valiant as ever my people stand firm.

A Lethal Virus

Life was so beautiful
All things merry and bright
A season red, green and cheerful
Sweet candies and eggnog kept it right.

I'll Let Go My Fear

‘Tis just fate, but again it isn't
I talk no better of hate if it isn't.
Be nice to me, just be nice -
Rejecting hate is not the price.


Misguided for political gains
On parade the academic iguana
Vilifies men of valour for grains
And jumps with irie in his buffoonery.

I Will Deal

A green snake in the lush greenery,
Wearing a luxuriant smile of ingratitude,
Garbed in semantic exactitude.

Burden Of Terror, Oh Mother!

From the ruins of her razed home
Stuck in rotting bodies she cannot inter
Is the burden of a frail old mother
As her lips quaver with songs of Rome.

The Death Of Freedom

Some soiled phony freedom
For years,
Robbed our forefathers of wisdom
Of yesteryears,

Season Of Bliss

Alleluia! Christ is risen
His love carved in greisen
A new dawn of sunrise
Anew in faith we rise

Am Not Alone

With you on the throne
I really am not alone
In this city lying alone
In quiet from the cyclone.

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