A Lethal Virus Poem by Jude Fuhnwi

A Lethal Virus

Rating: 5.0

Life was so beautiful
All things merry and bright
A season red, green and cheerful
Sweet candies and eggnog kept it right.

That sweetness coming into bloom
With everything else that brings joy
‘But wait! ' Said the virus of doom
Intruding to be the season's killjoy.

The spoilsport has come to inflict pain
In no time ripped a world in boom
And rubbed our fur the wrong way - that villain!
Leaving everyone worldwide in gloom.

Scientists named the wrong'un "Coronavirus"
A dreaded cousin of the lethal SARS virus
That first unleashed a wrath in Wuhan
Wielding authority like the emperor of Han.

From Xiong to thousands perishing on nothing
As the world remains under surveillance
With health workers dying for something
Still, sceptics and the virus kept a fatal romance.

Curls of infections like Chimney smoke
Water hopes of any end in sight
As the virus spreads like wildfire at a stroke
Forcing drastic shutdowns for the fight.

With victory still far!
The solution lies with us!
All of us!
To keep Coronavirus from afar!

Friday, March 27, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: despair,health,victims
Chinedu Dike 21 May 2020

A poignant bit of verse nicely embellished with poetic rhyme and rhythm. An insightful take on the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.

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Fuhnwi Jude 23 May 2020

Thank you, Chinedu. I'm grateful you have taken time to read through " A Lethal Virus" and left a comment.

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Enjoh Achah 29 March 2020

Nice read Jude. Corona gradually locked down the world while we were BUSY working, flying and partying. Hope things get back to normal soon.

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Fuhnwi Jude 15 April 2020

Thanks Enjoh. I appreciate you reading and sharing your thoughts.

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Fuhnwi Jude 15 April 2020

Thanks Enjoh, I appreciate you reading and sharing your thoughts.

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