Julian Mann

Julian Mann Poems

1. I See A Loft Light Far Away 6/30/2012
2. In Nature There Is A Power 2/13/2014
3. How Complete The Fields Look 2/17/2014
4. In This Study 2/25/2014
5. The Night Road 4/20/2014
6. The Pale Hand Of Summer Rain 7/31/2014
7. Now The Sun Goes To Its Rest 9/4/2014
8. Now The Hedges Are Bearing Gifts 9/4/2014
9. Now The Heady Bonfire Air 9/4/2014
10. Historic Market Town 10/10/2014
11. Down Autumn's Lane 10/10/2014
12. My Roving Art 10/24/2014
13. May And New Love 5/7/2015
14. Another Faery Song 7/2/2015
15. My Sorrows Slept 5/13/2016
16. The Footpath 5/13/2016
17. The Church Porch 5/21/2016
18. My Favourites 5/21/2016
19. The Last Moment 5/21/2016
20. The Farm Lane 8/28/2016
21. Autumn Movements 9/10/2018
22. Oboe Smoke 3/8/2019
23. The Hambleden Stage Suite 3/8/2019
24. The Air Is Awash 6/5/2019
25. A Picture Of Pilgrimage 6/5/2019
26. Saint Rag 8/14/2019
27. An Obscurer 8/14/2019
28. Of A Sunday's Secrecy 8/16/2019
29. After I Turned 8/21/2019
30. What Is This Ruination 8/21/2019
31. Basinski 8/21/2019
32. Enclosure Poems 10/26/2018

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Enclosure Poems


After the deers' racket
Across the lane, I came down it
Sensing something like
The edge of berries.

If I only thought it,
It was the wind before me
Sweeping through the dead yellow
An idea of ripeness, into the air.

Later I knew it was mine
If I wanted, under a farm avenue tree
Of shed and new starts,
A green way dithering
Between shores of leaves.


All day were there little glows
About the air, before lawn and lane,
With the wind a force of autumn
And trees keening to light in the swell.

There were ...

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My Roving Art

With an infant's joy I view the brook,
Its many wonders pass my eye:
A restless leaf the land forsook;
Ripples that beg the wind's reply.

I long to walk its banks by night,
And hear the waters trickle then;
Doubtless sweeter in sound and sight
As moonlight graces every bend.

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