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I want to be a princess
With a golden crown
To live in a huge castle
and wear a beautiful gown

She is smiling, she is having fun
Her sky is blue with a shinning sun
She is perfectly happy, she is just fine
She made her life her own design!

Complaining about me now
Saying that I've changed a lot
acting as if you were an angel
But I know that you are not

Have you ever felt that your heart is bleeding
And that it's screaming with every single beat
Have you ever felt that your tears are on fire
And that you can't stand on your feet

There is a fire in my heart
Burning inside of me
It burnt my smile and my laugh
Black is the only color I can see

Have you ever felt that you are double faced
That you are two in one
That you don't know who you really are
and that your real personality is gone? ? : '(

When I smiled they thought that I was happy and content,
But I was struggling to hide my tears and pain.
When I smiled they saw a colorful rainbow,
But I could feel a storm in my heart, a hurricane in my brain.

Everyday I hurt You
Everyday I ignore Your name
Everyday I refuse to follow You
And go on playing my sinful game

Have you ever lost the faith that you can?
Have you ever regretted believing?
Have you ever doubted yourself?
Lost hope in ever achieving?

Can't we just return to how we used to be
I keep thinking but fail to find you or me
We are now so different can't you see
We used to be one, two voices one melody

I once felt that my heart was aching inside of me
As if it wanted to get out of my chest and break free
I asked it why it wanted to take a flight
Without it things won't be right

This life is an exciting, risky game
Every player has got his own aim
These players differ from each other
You can't find one that is exactly like another

That is who I am, that is ME
So don't u dare complain about my personality
May be I am so shy
May be it's so easy to make me cry

Stars singing, birds twinkling
Iron floating, wood sinking
Sun raining, clouds shinning
Man playing and animal thinking

Dream and it will come true
But I'm just afraid of doing it
And I can't decide what to do

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Every Girl Is A Princess

I want to be a princess
With a golden crown
To live in a huge castle
and wear a beautiful gown
To sit on a golden chair
To have fun everyday
To be powerful and fair
To rule my country my way
To be respected and honored
To be able to do everything
To put rules and give orders
To have diamonds and a thousand ring
Then one day my prince will come
and take me on his white horse
HEY: S: S Wake up
Reality check
and for the million time you can't be a princess
OK OK, I know that: (
Well may be I can't be a real princess
But I am sure that every girl is one
Because what makes a princess is not her crown
Or having bodyguards holding guns
What makes a princess is her character
Her personality and her reactions
So improve you mind and expand your brain
Be sweet and have satisfaction
Your smile is more valuable than diamonds
You are so special, There is only one (..writ ur name..) here
and remember that every girl is a princess
If you thought about it you'll find it crystal clear

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