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Many people love dogs,
love dogs, love dogs,
for dogs can do many
positive chores.


They dance and smile not for a while.
and sometimes look like they in a pile


What's the matter?
Please do not scatter.
You cannot make it faster,
or even greater.


Hush! it's the breeze
clapping with ease

Hush! let the tears flow from


There are no questions
and there will be no answers
Wrapped in history
is the reality of time.

The glowing medallion
serves millions that
do not reject its
actions in grandeur.


Cache is transparent,
and has great performance,
it takes away hurry,
destroys worry,


Wrapped in the blanket of passion
is anger burning with
temper only to hamper.

Listen to music,
it is therapeutic.
Listen to music,
and more you will use it.

I am with all ages
I live on all pages
profound in wisdom
the concept to depend on.

Those emotions come like shoes, just
for you alone to choose.

You are considered a pot to cook up their buts and all of their clots they bring shame and plenty of blame from where they play their game.

This is the best timing
for you to keep climbing
Forget about liming and
continue climbing.

You said you know not why
you made the try, that's why
you had to cry.

I am the extraordinary chord
you can really afford it.
I am unique, patient, pure, and secure.
I am amazingly stirring, eager


You are portable
you are filled
with the incredible
vital will

Stricken in agony way too long,
too long, too long, too long, too long.
Tried to get up but just could not due
to weakness, tingling, and numbness

She sleeps in the day and dreams
on her way with her crust, mantle, and core
then gets up, winks, and welcomes all with her
powerful to soothe and cool, the excessive heat.

Our pet is Dusty, his color
is rusty, his fur is
thick and some areas fluffy.

Get the formula it
It is very, very popular.
I am a step-by-step procedure
that has no double feature.

Excuse him please he needs the keys
He really prefers not to freeze

You see the breeze is making him sneeze

Juliet Languedoc Biography

She is an educator by profession. Holds an AS, BSIT/VC, and MA in Educational Psychology. She is an alumna of Andrews University, University of Phoenix, and University of the Southern Caribbean. She enjoys reading, writing, decorating, helping, crotcheting, and counseling. She is married to her soulmate Ptr. Jerry Languedoc and her Best Friend is Jesus.)

The Best Poem Of Juliet Languedoc

Those Dogs

Many people love dogs,
love dogs, love dogs,
for dogs can do many
positive chores.
This is the clue
not such a dog.

Those dogs are the negatives
so don't be a relative be
highly selective and be effective.
Beware of those dogs,
yes, those dogs,
who satisfy only their
personal chores.

Selfish in nature
evil in stature are these
mutilators, and gang
circumcisers. Watch those

Those dumb dogs, dumb dogs,
dumb dogs, original dumb dogs
with gigantic claws.
They love to rent churches with
pews to confuse and they are really proud
to be used.

Watch those dogs they cut into pieces like sand on the beaches.
Watch those dogs they will destroy
what you enjoy. Watch those dogs they
love to compare then automatically disappear.

Watch those dogs, yes those dogs
they take pride as they sit in their
pit and refuse to quit.
Watch those dogs!

June 17,2014

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