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Story teller:

just hours after being hired
He got fired

It is love and not money
The sweeter than honey
It is love and not color
Not cloth made by a tailor

It is time to be free

To explore the land and the seas
To fly willingly and freely like a bee

World cities and world beauties
World beauties in the world cities
In the universe are billions of stars
Every unique and different like planet mars

The skirt,
the sacrificial lamb
edified and used
as the true road


On daylight I meditate like a monk
Calmly on my holy chosen verse
And nothing in the universe
Seems able to make me go astray


Love is likeness of that precious stone gold
So precious that it is hard to get it and hold

With the many girls my sweet girl I have met

Tears of sorrow poured profusely down their cheeks
Holy hymns were lost and dirges were heard for weeks
Peace escaped and hatred made its home
Forcibly in the valley for many to mourn

When things fall apart
and the center cannot hold
Things separate
and go in opposite directions

Under the cover of darkness
Consumed by desire and madness
In that irresistible desire
Soul under fire

I am in the search
Of a church
That requires not a holy seed
To be planted for the deed


You can ask my lonely door knob
What time I get back home from job

I accept that love is like a game
That is always not played the same
But hear this story from Stella
That great story teller

Years have come and gone since you left me in tears.
I am surrounded by loneliness numbering those years.
My heart has been so much troubled by so many fears.
I Am sick and totally weaken by the strong love desires.

Years have come and gone since you left me in tears.
I am surrounded by loneliness numbering those years.
My heart has been so much troubled by so many fears.
I am sick and totally weaken by the strong love desires.

It is only with the winter blossoms
Do I compare your bosoms
Perfectly build to your kind
To disturb any man’s mind

I find lessons in comments
That give my better moments
They are like presents
But of course not bought of cents


Sun rises, brings forth light and happiness
And so did you to me, and took away my sadness

Longevity of life and peace of mind

If we were born blind
We couldn’t have differentiated mankind
We couldn’t have seen the differences
Marked as races

Amazing was the tailor who made my tie
But though Stella is shy
She claims to have a more powerful one

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Julius is hotelier, who currently works for Westown Hotel as the operations Manager. A graduate of of the world known hub for hospitality, Kenya Utalii College. Born 14/12/1987, Maua, Meru County. Raised by a single parent- his mother joining his first formal alimentary class in 1993 at the age of 5 years (Kurungu Primary school) . He attended four primary schools; kurungu, Gatab (mount kulal) , Kisima and Naiborkeju primary schools. By 2001 he joined A.I.C secondary school graduating among the top best students of his time and in 2007 he joined Kenya Utalii College, a four year course in Hotel Management where he graduated in 2011)

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The Story

Story teller:

just hours after being hired
He got fired
by the story he aired

the story:

'they roll in sleek cars
under the shine of the deem stars
to hunt down those with financial scars
whose get-away tool is their God-given beauty'

'six days a week they roll in holes and in bars
on Sunday they join the mass'

the listener:

for him its all merry
and a no-chance to say sorry
for that kind of a story

he lives a legend of the seeker
of immorality and rot in our society

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We will finally die, just like them who came before us. The larger population, just like our formers, will be forgotten and written off as if they never graced this planet. They will be like the future. They never existed. A few will be remembered for the impact they created to mankind either positive or negative during their spell. The love or hate, care or torment, passion or indifferent they showed to their subjects was jotted down in history books and the future generations will use to weigh their present situations.

We are living at a time where Kardashian becomes so famous for exposing her nude butt in public and Julius is ridiculed for expressing support in Femi's Paradox concept of ETs' probables.

When a man asks a woman if she is straight, that will be an insult, because men don't admire straight women. No. Men admire curvaceous women. And curvaceous women are not straight, they are curved.

We are living at a time when ignorance is the thing of the day and knowing is nothing at all

In the grand scheme of things, there must be an explanation to the arrangement of the cosmos, the sun, the galaxies, the stars, planets and their continued journeys around or past each other and without a collision or 'accident'. A deity must be somewhere up there or below, who is looking at us secretly and watching every move we make and using some genius method to let the moons spin around planets, planets around the sun and holding the sun in the vastness of space.

Love may not always last, but kissing on camera will surely last, as far as the clip isnt deleted.

There are two kinds of people; 1.Those who will burn in Hell 2.Those who will watch those burning in Hell You have a choice to decide you destiny, and approve your fate.

Bragging about beauty is useless. Just like flowers, beauty is seasonal. Immortalized beauty cannot benefit a soul, wisdom and knowledge will.

Naivety is not a disease, ignorance is. An ignorant soul has no remedy.

If I am forced to a wall and made to choose between Islam and Hinduism, I am afraid I will take the cow. I will worship my cow and later slaughter it for a certain or whichever ceremony. I will always go to the market and buy another god if need of a god arise.

Hijab is the beauty of every Muslim woman Painful Reality. Beauty under duress.

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