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Lost Memories

I turn to my past i see all my happy moments
i see all the boys saying i love you
i see all those that say i will never let you down
i see all these people saying you are mine

Crazy About You

If iI kept in me all the wounds of the past
it is to remind me of all what you did for me
if in my secret garden all the bad flowers have faded
it is to remind me of all what you did for me


My love and angel I am here for you
my heart beats only for you
my eyes lies just on your face
my lips long to meet yours

The Best Of Friends

A friend mustn't be with you for you to know she is the best of friends
a friend mustn't flatter you to hear you say you are the best
a friend mustn't say you are the sister i never had for you to know she is the sister you never had.

Dreams Nightmare Fantasy And Reality

on my little sweet bed i had a dream
it was all about you and i drinking
drinking at the celebration of our marriage


When i look in to the sky i see your face
when i look in to your eyes i see my face
when i turn our future i see us sharing love
sticked together for ever you are my sunshine


Oh facebook what are you?
a monster or an angel?
facebook what can i say?
that i am proud of you or mad at you?

Gift Of A Friend

It pains to be all alone by your self
but still you think it is the best
it is in your mind that you don't need friends
but it is hard to work on your own without friends


yesterday was the past so we call it history
tomorrow is the future so we call it misery
today is the present so it is a gift from God

I Don'T Like

help me lord
hold my heart
and make me strong

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