Lost Memories Poem by juslaine lareine jls

Lost Memories

I turn to my past i see all my happy moments
i see all the boys saying i love you
i see all those that say i will never let you down
i see all these people saying you are mine
all these moments made me very happy and smile

i turn to my past again an i see the revers
i see all the boys saying they hate me
i see them all walking away and laughing
i hear my self saying please come back
i see all these people saying i don't want you again disapear
but then i still hear my self yelling please please please
these moments hurt me and made me hate the world

i come back to my present
i see someone smiling at me
showing me a tiny key
i walked up to him and he said
it is the key to your heart have it and decide
i took it and handed it to him saying
now it is yours decide

he opened my heart and sees all my sadness and try all his possible best to make me happy again
now he put the key in a golden case saying i am a gold and pressious
i felt alive again and put his own key in the same case saying now we are one

Again i turned to my past but this time it was different because there was no one there just as if no one has ever been there smiling i put a sign saying LOST MEMORIES heading for my present i decided never to return in my past again

Lareine Sede 05 December 2012

thanx you think so? if you r sincer thanx so much

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Vijay Sai R 05 December 2012

the poem is so special and unique

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Sandy Player 30 November 2012

That's profound stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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Lareine Sede 27 November 2012

thanx a lot words like what u say give me the strength to write

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Lyn Paul 27 November 2012

Lovely words Larie. I admire your strength. Thank You

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