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Fear of the unknown
is what makes me behind
Fear of tomorrow
is what makes me blind

Standing lonely at the bay
With a silently sad frown
The sky turned grey
And the wind died down

I don't know what happened
I don't know why
My life has blackened
The day we said goodbye

Oh please don't sigh
Never cry
Everybody must die!

Will wait you till forever
Till the rain dries
Think to escape is never
And that where honesty lies

Honey is great
But bees do bite
It’s easy to hate
But hard to fight

The day you left me behind
Your trail I couldn’t find
You said I’ll find the way

Remember me?
My unpaid fee
You ought to recognise
It's gonna be a surprise

I knew you had to leave
But just not today
It's hard to believe
That you'll be forever away

Deep in my heart I always knew
That fairy tales only happen to few
That romance and roses are so very fictional
And that love is blind and lovers… irrational

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I'm not really a great poet. I just express my kept emotions. Words are my life for no one could cease them nor ignore them. They heal the pain and they are a remorse for the grief.I dont have a broken heart neither did my girlfriend dump me :) , i never had any by the way...i just kina feel like i am gonna be alone for a loooooong time so i am getting prepared with the writing now: D: D I hope I'm not bothering you with my 'strange' poems and I appreciate your encouragement. Thanks a lot! ! Amr)

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Fear of the unknown
is what makes me behind
Fear of tomorrow
is what makes me blind
Fear of the darkness
is what makes me seek the light
Fear of losing
is what makes me fight
Fear of pain
is what makes me insane
Fear of getting crushed
is what makes me struggle in vain
Fear of punishment
is what makes me flee
Fear of beasts
is what makes me a prey
Fear of destiny
is what makes me pray
Fear of time
is what makes my life a day
Fear of truth
is what makes me lie
Fear of life
is what makes me die
Fear of Fear
is what makes my life..
Too drear! !

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Hannah Martin 21 August 2008

Thanks for the advice. I'll keep that one in my head. lol I kinda feel that way about someone (just not that strong) but when my twin sister was singing a song called 'Bubbly'. Which got me to write 'Happy Tears'!

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