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Rating: 4.33

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Hello, I'm Hannah (HEDM) and I have this ridiculous infatuation with smiling and laughing, making sarcastic/witty comments, and listening to all kinds of music that's out there (so don't be a stranger to suggest artists^^)

I take education quite seriously but outside of school, I'm your average Jane doe with lots of unused common sense and seeking for an adventure.

I am nothing more, nothing less, just a Christian with my own struggles and temptations as I try to elbow some room in the world for lil' ol' me.


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A Solemn Dance

Her ethereal beauty
Contrasted with the darkness
That she was shrouded in—
Somber and yet alluring;
The ruffles of her tutu swished
While she claimed the center of the stage.
She seemed to stir the atmosphere
With her serenity and grace.
Her alabaster skin glowed in the moonlight
As she began to dance upon her toes.

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Hannah Martin Popularity

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