Justin Kopp

Justin Kopp Poems

1. Certain Standards 7/27/2012
2. A Bright One 7/27/2012
3. Turning And Turning Tighter And Tighter 7/27/2012
4. Give It Some Justice 7/27/2012
5. Damn, I Can'T Figure It Out 7/27/2012
6. Fifty Frogs 7/27/2012
7. The Back Alley 7/27/2012
8. Petty Theft 7/27/2012
9. History Lesson 7/27/2012
10. Untitled 7/27/2012
11. The Black Cat That Follows Me From Time To Time 7/27/2012
12. Beat Down 7/27/2012
13. A Lovedrunk Fool 7/27/2012
14. Excuse Me? 7/27/2012
15. Blame The Undertaker 7/27/2012
16. Until We Rise 7/27/2012
17. Walking In 7/27/2012
18. Rat Race 7/27/2012
19. Pack Your Bags, I'M Leaving 7/27/2012
Best Poem of Justin Kopp

Pack Your Bags, I'M Leaving

The sensation that I'm alone lies heavy
Traveling roads still unknown
Far from nirvana
Dancing with memories in a whiskey glass
Time travels fast
So long

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Fifty Frogs

Bullfrogs singing melodies to the stars
The fog floats through the few lights of the lake
And the sky stretches over the ocean with diamonds in it
While the woods and the world
Croak and cry
With the calls of the wild
The beach is the most comfortable place tonight
The stars shoot through the fog like daggers
Lighting up

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