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1. Certain Standards 7/27/2012
2. A Bright One 7/27/2012
3. Turning And Turning Tighter And Tighter 7/27/2012
4. Give It Some Justice 7/27/2012
5. Damn, I Can'T Figure It Out 7/27/2012
6. Fifty Frogs 7/27/2012
7. The Back Alley 7/27/2012
8. Petty Theft 7/27/2012
9. History Lesson 7/27/2012
10. Untitled 7/27/2012
11. The Black Cat That Follows Me From Time To Time 7/27/2012
12. Beat Down 7/27/2012
13. A Lovedrunk Fool 7/27/2012
14. Excuse Me? 7/27/2012
15. Blame The Undertaker 7/27/2012
16. Until We Rise 7/27/2012
17. Walking In 7/27/2012
18. Rat Race 7/27/2012
19. Pack Your Bags, I'M Leaving 7/27/2012
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Pack Your Bags, I'M Leaving

The sensation that I'm alone lies heavy
Traveling roads still unknown
Far from nirvana
Dancing with memories in a whiskey glass
Time travels fast
So long

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Certain Standards

A change of pace
I need a new
Place to stay I need a job
And a brand new car
I'm broke, two dollars
I'm stuck here again trapped
I won't go to a zoo,
They lions eat better than I do
And the monkeys get more fruit and exercise

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