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Leaves are falling
on the ground
snow will cover
all around

The day after cocaine
The mystery of shame
Expressing with a broken face
cracked from the nose

If anyone asks
say that I got lost
staring at the sun

In a zombie apocalypse
I slay all who could not

If I went away
to an island with coconuts
listening to the sea shells
singing the ocean's secrets

Cold teeth
in a miserable

Coming off the chest
and through the mouth
after a million
(probably billion)

living in the negative
soon enough
the horizon will show clouds
in the right idea

I spent the night under a cold ozone
with a girl who couldn't accept it
she was buried neck deep in the soil
and I was lying above

Traveling down a road
with pills, weed
addiction written in stone

From highs to lows

Mista Dontplay
Don't play no games

If bullshit stains
don't look up his name

They say
she's jumped ship
to swim in the ocean
to be baptized with truth

Breathe in
and exhale
into a moment
which summons condoms

Dancing on the stars
your feet
losing thought of the ground
tiptoeing in the dark abyss

volume on high
eyes closed
from the staring gavel

The breaking of bottles
liquid splashes and drips
dropping like low volume bombs
the after math of violence

Every shots a shot
you either miss your head
hit the target
or the coin is tails

My eyes are plastered on
plastic screens
LCD piercing Iris
winking hello to London

Blue eyes stay with you
like a madness you can't
think your way out of
broken and longing

the wind blows
whispering directions
commonly given to a fool
with disagreement the trees

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Leaves are falling
on the ground
snow will cover
all around
we sit inside
and play with toys
and video games

The sun comes up
melts away
all the worries
and troubles that sting
the thoughts of
our parents
now they start to sing

We jump in pools
play in fields
pick the flowers
dream with clouds
O how
summer was great

Can you smell
the barbecue
supper's ready
grab your plates
bite the smoky meat
off the bone
smell the charcoal

Watch the pink
the sun sets
inviting fire flies
over just to say
'Hey! '

Climbing trees
jumping stumps
trading pokemon cards
will run
the time down
all the way
to none

There is dark
and ugly
all around
perverting sights
and every sound
but when being
a child
is this awesome
who could pay attention
to misery
when jokes were

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Justin Tallman Popularity

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