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kaizer phanton Poems

1. Shortcake 8/20/2007
2. Myst 10/10/2007
3. Music And Lyrics 11/15/2007
4. Mystique's Glory 12/20/2007
5. Thank Ya 4/9/2008
6. It Is She 4/9/2008
7. Virtouso 4/9/2008
8. Heart Talks 4/14/2008
9. Harmonia 6/2/2008
10. Countdown 7/29/2008
11. Moments 2/2/2008
12. The Sheild 4/9/2008
13. Viguro 8/1/2008
14. Ad Infinitum 10/16/2008
15. Haze 11/9/2008
16. Miss 11/18/2008
17. Feber 2/12/2009
18. Persona 4/29/2009
19. The Best Place 2 Be 8/1/2008
20. Sakura 2/12/2009
21. Aphasia 9/6/2008
22. Next Gensex 4/9/2008
23. Apology Letter 11/9/2008
24. Silverstein 1/5/2008
Best Poem of kaizer phanton


Silver rays of Saturn collide
As my heart and soon be conspired
Then, with a radiant flash, I was torn side by side
While my soul feels numb, and my nerves unwired

All what’s left of me is this turret locket
And 13 pieces of dirty gold coins within my pocket
For now that my journey has come to its final stretch
Should I be happy, like some avid fan screaming by the bench? !

Just a few blocks, till quest will finally come to an end
And be finally soon be much rewarded.
But yet, l still do not know how things get so complicated
If all it leads is to a ...

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how I wish I could see you, and look at your pretty face
how I wish I could hear you, singing hymns of divine grace
how I wish I could touch you, and feel your embrace
how i wish i could be with you, to serve and give praise

how I wish I could guard you, like your knight in shining armor
how I wish I could protect you, and fight in your name's pride and honor
how I wish I could serve you, and cater to your every will and favor
how I wish I could shield you, taking you away from hell's r

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