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I love you.
Do you love me?
She loves you too.
Can't you believe?

Days come, and days go
Life goes on, and never stops
We all know
That some will never reach the top

Hear the birds
With their own little songs
Feel the breeze
That keeps us cool


My heart is on fire
With my true desire
A fire so hot, it's cold
And it will never mold

Love a four letter word
But every time I hear it, somthing is attached
a wire or a cord
Though it is hard to catch


Cool breeze
Every thing is at ease
Stars be bright
Yes, it is night

I am Earth bound
isn't that a sound
Bound to this Earth by Love
The sound of a dove

Let me give you some friendly advice
I ain't nice
You won't get past my defense
Cuz you don't got no sence


Boys, come and go
But friends are always there
Boys, take parts of our soul
But friends are like your teddy bear


I hate you,
But I know you like me.
Why can't you get a clue?
Why can't you see?

Nothing but the breeze
The wind rushing by my ears
Nothing can compare


Bored, Bored every day
There isn't nothing to do anyway.
No one near by
So time can't fly by

Attached to this Earth you might say
Close to this Earth for the animals and nature that I see in May


You left me with everything, but love.
With no place left, but heaven above.
I'm all alone now,
And all I can say is 'wow'.


I supect it,
But I shall just ignore it.
Tons and tons of ways people die.
So will some of us cry?

When we were younger we all said.
We'd be together til our ends.
Nothing could seperate us.
No matter what.

Life is short.
You know it's true.
Nothing to deny.
It makes us feel blue.

You will ask me to stop,
But I will take the drop.
You have always ignored me.
Now I'm close to death and you see.


You like me? ?
How can that be? ?
I say yes I like you too.
Now I've lost my fellings of blue.


Over him...
He has lost me now.
Not my fault. He is so dim.
Now I make you say, 'I wonder how? '

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I like writing poetry, but I didn't always it was mostly my friend Brianna Rickey who started me. On here any way because I actually like writing poems in English but I hated evetything else. So poetry is a habit of mine and if you you have any comments or suggestions I would be happy to try it. I like trying new things and I would also be happy to read your poems to just tell me whitch one and I will be reading it ASAP. LOVE YALL! !)

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I love you.
Do you love me?
She loves you too.
Can't you believe?
The sky is blue.
Why can't you just see?
We love you.

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