Friends. The Cause Of Suicide? Poem by Kali Boggs

Friends. The Cause Of Suicide?

When we were younger we all said.
We'd be together til our ends.
Nothing could seperate us.
No matter what.
Or so I thought.
Through the years gone by.
It all seemed a big fat lie.
Older and Older we got.
You all must of forgot.
Through seperation and new friends.
The old ones just seemed to end.
I was left all alone.
No one cared, No one knew.
We just seemed to be all threw.
I was the misfit, you were the trends.
So hard for me to find friends.
You were there for me.
Now it is the end of we.
Left alone to cry in the dark.
Left alone to die on your mark.
You were there...
I was here.
You just thought I disapeared.
No one knew, No one cared.
For me? No, one dared.
With out you my life is threw.
No one noticed me anymore.
I was invisable to all of you.
Just me,
And you so crued.
You were my friends...
Whom where never to forget.
These things I just can't get.
Why me,
And why not you?
My life is just plain due.
To end so very soon.
You will regret it,
And wont forget it.
It is your fault,
And not just mine.
I did it,
And that is true,
But you were all there too.
You won't forget.
I was there and never left.
Now that I am gone.
You all seem to remember...
I was there and no one remembered.
It is your fault,
And not just mine.
And that is why so many have died.

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