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A rose red in color
A rose full of vigour
A rose sunk in sweat
A rose filled with love

The dark sky was getting darker
And the evening along with
And I was nearing my destiny
With every second that I breathe

A life as vile as dust from the beginning
I felt when I saw from a tree a leaf old falling
Surprised I was when I saw her dazzling
Trying to open her wings in an attempt of swimming

The sun's turning yellow
The water's starting to flow
And d day'll end again
In d dark d dark'll reign

In the dark.....amidst the dark!
In the past.......deep inside my past!
What do I see....what I've been through...
What i lost....what i'm still loosing.....

What's my fault
For which I'm punished
To live a life
Where I feel

I wanna say thanx
For you were the only one staying by my side
For a person not loved by anyone, always in a hide
You became his trustworthy home, a place to live on

You know, its always easy to say bye
There's nothing in between
So easy to say
But so hard to seal the feelings

In the garden of roses I saw a jasmine flower
In the piles of perfumed glory's there lie she without color..
Her Petels pale like a sorrow burried deep inside
Still emitting fragnance like a candlie burning to give us light

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I'm an engineering student who just started writing poems.. You see this poem's are my ways of expressing myself :) so I love writing poems :) :) and for me I think ne one who has feelings emotions can become a poet..)

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A Rose

A rose red in color
A rose full of vigour
A rose sunk in sweat
A rose filled with love
And a rose was I craved for
A rose I wanted to gift her
A rose she can keep forever
And won't stop to emit fragnance ever
A rose which can speak
The words of my feelings
A rose without a voice
Without a single noise
Sends the feelings deep inside
Braces the beverage feelings so tight
In the search of a rose
In the hope to forget all woe's
I longed for, and I'm longing for
In a wait till the eternity or more
just to have a glimpse
Have a test of the devine feelings
Of the rose red in color
A rose filled with love and vigour

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