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Some think they are always right
After all, in thinking of being right
Everyone has a right!

Your pretty smile
As you flash all the while
Lifts us into cloud nine
That makes you as our gold mine!

I greet you on the

Ich weiss nicht
Wer sie ist!

Warum ich zu ihr ging

When dad says time out
Often, of late, day in and day out

When you get into tantrums

My dear Aazniv,

Your jumping in the pool
Is just so cool!

Wanting together
Vanished in thin air altogether!

Lonely with each other

Those were the days…

Along rail track

Be right
Even if you have to fight
That's your right
To be always right!

I don't blame you
For controlling me.
I blame myself
For giving you all the space,

Those in life are not in heart!
Those in heart are not in life!
Life is bliss if the same person is in life and heart!
That heart is blessed and so is life!

Let's live together
Love each other!

Let go

Venkat, you turn just Seven
On this April day of twenty twenty-one!

Tho' counted in decades

Never lose
A chance to use
The name!
Then the game

My dear Amulya
True to thy name
You're priceless
Set for real big fame!

Oh, The All Powerful One!
I'm sure you can!

Make me free from anger

Thousands of miles away
Meeting in sight no way
Even through half way!

In front of corporate hospital
Breathing from cylinder
In a mile-long Q of ambulance-like trucks
Awaiting allotment of a bed

Aazra dear!
Now is the Day
Your Happy Birthday!

Kamalakar Arakala Biography

Wing Commander Prof Dr Arakala Kamalakar writes and published poems in English, Telugu and German. Visiting Professor in Nalsar University of Law, and in UGC HRDC, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad. President, Shapiro Foundation, Melbourne, Australia. Lives in Melbourne, Australia.)

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Being Right

Some think they are always right
After all, in thinking of being right
Everyone has a right!

Being right
Isn't the same as thinking of being right!

No right-thinking thinks they're right
Day and night!

If they think they're right,
Seldom are they bright
To pick up any wise bite!

Avoid by all means any fight!
Even with an inevitable invite!

Soon they find they are left
With none in their sight
Their wisdom to ignite!

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Kamalakar Arakala Quotes

What you see is not what is; just like what others see you is not what you exactly are!

'It is not what you hear, but what you make out of what you hear matters'

'Your vibe attracts the tribe'

'Anything which is not sought but gets given will never be valued'

Whatever you disperately want is awaiting equally disperately to be owned by you. Own it in your own unique way! If the way is your own, you own it!

Will power over powers any power on earth!

If there is a will, there is power to it. If not, power it!

You do not get anything in life by Chance. You get by Change!

Focus on what you want. You get what you focus on!

You do not get anything in life by Chance. You get by Change!

If you stick to your point of view, your view of the world never changes!

When you take a stand, you stand still!

Focus on possibilities, not on difficulties.

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