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Emily (: 10 April 2010

i love all of your poems! ! :)

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The Best Poem Of kare bear

I Always Think

I always think,
what it would be like to be with you,
and to have no care in the world what people would say.
And the reason why we won't care, they'll have no clue.

I always think,
as I lie in bed,
what it would be like,
to have you call me your girlfriend, as I turn red.

I always think,
about all the things I told you that night,
and how you just went along with what I said.
That was the start, of my daydreaming and you becoming my light.
My light that showed me the way.

I always think,
about whether you are telling the truth or not,
and it frustrates me,
to know how hard, just to let you know how I felt, I fought.

I always think,
why do you tell everyone the total opposite you tell me?
And I can't do anything because I'm stuck in your love trap,
and honestly, I want to be free.

I always think,
about how much I could lose and gain from you in a blink,
and I always hate that,
I always think.

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