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Lover of the written word, forever aspiring spiritual truth, not always sure where I'll find it.

I'm a native 'New Yawker', an acculturated Latina who is in love with her Latin roots. I would say that I'm a very happy spirit who likes to give and receive good energy from good people. However, I'm usually inspired to write during times of duress.. I suppose that's the 'tortured artist' in me who finds inspiration in melancholy.

My poems generally tell a story of something that's occured or that I had been going through at the time. I have been writing for years, but sadly never kept any of it. I am humbled to place some of my writings amongst so many talented people, but I am also glad that there is an outlet such as this one and such a wonderful network of positive energy. I'm very happy for this site to exist and to be able to share my life in such a strangely intimate way with you all (and vice versa) .

Thank you Poemhunter for this wonderful site and for the wonderful people who I have had the honor of chatting with and reading their works.

Peace and love to all...

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The Chase

I didn’t notice you
You did notice me

I run from you
You run to me

I stop running and look back
You stop then, dead in your tracks

I look into your eyes
You begin your spell

I begin to listen
You begin to tell

I start to disarm
You’re aware of your charm

I hear, I see, I like
You hammer down your spike

I’m enthralled, I’m taken
You declare I’m mistaken

I’m intrigued, I want more
You start closing the door

I insist, I persist
You’re interest turns to mist

I’ve confused it… I was wrong
You say “no, it won’t be long'

I want you to be mine
You say we need some time

I recognize the game, the chase, it was on
You’ve conquered, you’re bored, and now you’re just gone.

July 11,2005

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