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There's nothing left to say but,
I'm sorry i wasn't there,
I'm sorry that sometimes it seemed i really didnt care.
I'm sorry i kept breaking down,

Why cant they see,
inside im dying.
Why cant they hear,
the screams im crying.


When your around other girls;
i pretend that i dont care.
I look the other way,
and act like your not there.

When everything else fails,
what do you do.
Or when relationships never last,
and everyone gives up on you.

I see your tears,
i watch you cry.
I feel your pain,
i want to die.

Cut my wrist,
start to cry.
Blood runs down,
why can't i die.


Falling apart,
i'm wasting away.
Crying; stuck with the words,
my heart cant say.


All alone,
crying out.
Trying to scream,
full of doubt.

Why should i care,
both left with nothing to say.
Everytime we got close,
you were torn away.


Im so tierd,
cant seem to sleep through the night.
Thinking of you and wishing,
you could hold me real tight.

These things i have to tell you,
are very hard to say.
But im leaving you forever,
and im going my own way.

All alone,
as i scream.
Will i wake up?
is this all just a dream?

Everynight i hold you,
in every single dream.
But when i wake up without you,
my heart it starts to scream.

The sky reflects my eyes,
As it slowly starts to rain.
Inside I begin to realize,
Nothing will ever be the same.


Why cant i do anything right,
I hurt so bad i cry myself to sleep everynight.
In a relationship, friends or at home,
In the end i always feel im alone.

Shes sitting there
Alone inside.
Where is the world?
She wants to hide.

Crippled on,
the floor.
Hidden pain,
heart so sore.


Hole in my heart,
falling apart.
You said good-bye,
as you watched me die.


Sky turns gray,
i wan't to cry.
Why did this happen,
how did we die.

I'm sitting all alone,
with tears that start to fall.
Not wanting to let go,
i'm afraid ill lose it all.

Karissa Earley Biography

I recently turned 20. I love to write poetry it helps me express myself. A lot of people find my poetry sad and disturbing; however well written. My poems are based on how i was or am feeling at the time. If there are any questions or you want to talk or would like to tell me what you think about my poems feel free to message me at any time. I will review, rate and comment on poems if asked to do so; however i will not lie, i am very outspoken.)

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There's nothing left to say but,
I'm sorry i wasn't there,
I'm sorry that sometimes it seemed i really didnt care.
I'm sorry i kept breaking down,
I'm sorry our lost love could not be found.
I'm sorry i hid behind my pain,
I'm sorry for all the tears that fell like rain.
I'm sorry i let down my gaurd,
I'm sorry i made things so hard.
I'm sorry for the times i wanted to die,
I'm sorry for all the tears i cried.
I'm sorry i loved you way to much,
I'm sorry for the times it hurt to touch.
I'm sorry that i cut my wrist,
I'm sorry i'm the one you will not miss.
And for you i'm sorry i was ever born,
I'm sorry that when you came i was already torn.

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Fariha Kasimi 09 September 2009

You are an amazing writer. I used to think that my pain was the worst, but reading your poems made me cry. So much pain! gosshh, you must be hurt badly, and the pain of love, the pain of a heart break stays for a life time, doesn't it? No matter how much we try, its with us for the journey of life

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