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An elicit kiss stolen beneath a starlit sky
Pallid moonlight reflected within your tear filled eyes
Darkness warmly embracing us into its comfort zone
Stealing us deftly from the city and its constant drone


Relentlessly they nag on and on
Tiresome chattering from dusk until dawn
From the incessant murmurs there's no release
Drugs nor alcohol fail to make them cease

Living It

I lost my soul deep within a whirlpool of dreams
Reality bit hard as nothing is what it first seems
I took my chances at the risk to my own sanity
Underestimated the whole world and its pure vanity


The youth lay on the pavement blood pouring from his wounds
Gunshots still echoing around in the darkness the only sounds
Neighbours peering nervously from behind closed doors
Wont get involved tonight though as seen it all before

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