Kate Kate Poems

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Softly color wood
Strings strung tight and tuned just right
Out pour sounds of calm

Second Guessing

These lines that stream my face
Come with passion and lonliness
Fear of losing the only thing that means anything at all
Tired of my second guessing

For Gracie

And so happy is the dog
Who sits alone til you walk up to her
A smile kept in the eyes shines so bright

Leave It At That

I'm sorry I touched you there I didn't mean to
I just wanted to see how it would be
Being stripes and bumble flees
Cat shoes and power feet flip me over

A Sign That Says Away

A self portrait poem:

Leave me alone
The girl with a far away face

The Enchantment

The depth of your enchanting eyes have taken over my attention.
I try to listen to what you and everyone else are saying but keep getting distracted.
I suppose thats the problem with the word enchanting.

Such A Plague

The midnight moon shall soon be my tomb
And all its light will come crashing down

The Sweetest Slumber

Wow... so I apologize I had put Leaves down as the sweetest slumber. THIS is the sweetest slumber.
And so I'm lying here
I'll close my eyes

Winter Sun

I'm staring at the winter sun
I think I'll blind my eyes
Cause when I can't see anything at all
Every thing looks so fine


Words flow like musical notes softly picked on the strings of a guitar
Creating the most serene of verse