Katelynn Farris

Katelynn Farris Poems

1. Does He Love Me? 4/20/2005
2. Without Something 5/30/2005
3. My Father 5/30/2005
4. Mable Dodd 6/16/2005
5. Freezing Tears 2/17/2006
6. The Glass With The Face Of Jesus 2/17/2006
7. Echo (Similar To Freezing Tears) 2/17/2006
8. My Broken Heart 3/16/2006
9. Cant Fly 4/10/2006
10. You And Me 4/10/2006
11. Joe 3 4/10/2006
12. Not Wanting The Truth 5/12/2006
13. I Tell.... 5/12/2006
14. Crippled 9/2/2007
15. R.I.P. Love 9/2/2007
16. Gasping 9/2/2007
17. Im Not Quite Sure Whats This Is About So Ya 4/19/2006
18. Save Me 9/2/2007
19. School Time Drama 9/2/2007
20. To Him 9/2/2007
21. Hacken In Heaven 9/2/2007
22. Why Would It Matter? 9/2/2007
23. Sway 9/2/2007
24. Classroom 3/17/2006
25. A Poem With No Title 3/16/2006
26. Such A Strong Word 3/17/2006

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Freezing Tears

Tears running down my face,
My breath speaking, but silent,
I call out your name,
But I hear no response,
I sit shivering in the cold,
Waiting for someone to find me,
I feel as if I have been abandoned,
By everyone around me,
As if they want me to lay here and die,
But I just sit here and cry,
A million thoughts running through my head,
I can’t concentrate,
I feel like lab rat everyone is watching to see if I will fail,
As I cry the cold freezes my tears,
But my passion and determination to succeed is all I need,
To keep me alive and ...

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Without Something

A pencel without paper
fabrics without a draiper
a world without time
a world without a rhyme
a flip without a flop
a plip without a plop
ketchep without fries
a world with no lies
a toilet without water
a mom without a daughter
a ball without a bat
a head without a hat
you without me
this couldnt be.