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Katharine Tynan

Katharine Tynan Poems

Any Woman

I am the pillars of the house;
The keystone of the arch am I.
Take me away, and roof and wall
Would fall to ruin me utterly.

A Song Of Spring

The Spring comes slowly up this way,
Slowly, slowly,
Under a snood of hodden grey.

A Song For The New Year {1915}

THE Year of the Sorrows went out with great wind:
Lift up, lift up, O broken hearts, your Lord is kind,


God bless the little orchard brown
Where the sap stirs these quickening days.
Soon in a white and rosy gown
The trees will give great praise.

Quiet Eyes

The boys come home, come home from war,
With quiet eyes for quiet things --
A child, a lamb, a flower, a star,
A bird that softly sings.

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Tamiya Noel 04 September 2019

how old are you ????

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Tamiya Noel 04 September 2019

how old are you ????

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Jannatul Ferdous Mim 25 November 2018

There are not all the poems of Katherine Tynan.??????

2 1 Reply 27 April 2018

When did Katherine tynan die?

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Charles Vaclavik 28 October 2012

I would like to confirm that Katharine Tynan wrote the following, and in which poem. Far in the fields of France, My dear love lies asleep, But not for that my tears, Because he killed, I weep. Thank you, Charles Vaclavik

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Katharine Tynan was an Irish-born writer, known mainly for her novels and poetry. After her marriage in 1898 to the writer and barrister Henry Albert Hinkson (1865–1919) she usually wrote under the name Katharine Tynan Hinkson (or Katharine Tynan-Hinkson or Katharine Hinkson-Tynan). Of their three children, Pamela Hinkson (1900–1982) was also known ...

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