Katharine Tynan

[Katharine Tynan Hinkson, Katharine Tynan-Hinkson, Katharine Hinkson-Tynan] (23 January 1861 - 2 Apirl 1931 / 23 January 1861 – 2 April 1931)

Katharine Tynan Poems

121. Unfit 4/14/2010
122. Flower Of Youth 4/14/2010
123. Wild Geese 4/14/2010
124. A Colloquy: (For M. W.) 4/14/2010
125. Wings In The Night 4/14/2010
126. All Souls 4/14/2010
127. Immortality 1/3/2003
128. Autumnal 4/14/2010
129. Comfort 4/14/2010
130. Winter Sunset 4/14/2010
131. Christmas In The Year Of The War 4/14/2010
132. Colours 4/14/2010
133. After Ascension 4/14/2010
134. Dead- A Prisoner 4/14/2010
135. Adveniat Regnum Tuum 1/3/2003
136. A Birth-Night Song 4/14/2010
137. A Prayer { For Those Who Shall Return} 4/14/2010
138. A Connaught Man (For Hugh Maguire) 4/14/2010
139. The Great Mercy 4/14/2010
140. Any Mother 4/14/2010
141. The End Of The Day 1/3/2003
142. St. Francis And The Birds 1/3/2003
143. The Foggy Dew 1/3/2003
144. A Song Of Going 4/14/2010
145. The Children Of Lir 1/3/2003
146. A Holy Week Song, 1918 4/14/2010
147. A Hero 4/14/2010
148. Sheep And Lambs 1/3/2003
149. The Doves 1/3/2003
150. A Gardener-Sage 1/3/2003
151. A Woman Commends Her Little Son 4/14/2010
152. A Girl's Song 4/14/2010
153. A Lament 4/14/2010
154. The Wind That Shakes The Barley 1/3/2003
155. Alienation 4/14/2010
156. Blessings 1/3/2003
157. Quiet Eyes 4/14/2010
158. A Song For The New Year {1915} 4/14/2010
159. A Song Of Spring 4/14/2010
160. Any Woman 1/3/2003

Comments about Katharine Tynan

  • Jannatul Ferdous Mim (11/25/2018 6:31:00 AM)

    There are not all the poems of Katherine Tynan.😡😡😡

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  • rabbitrose@gmail.com (4/27/2018 3:37:00 PM)

    When did Katherine tynan die?

  • Charles Vaclavik (10/28/2012 2:52:00 PM)

    I would like to confirm that Katharine Tynan wrote the following, and in which poem.
    Far in the fields of France,
    My dear love lies asleep,
    But not for that my tears,
    Because he killed, I weep.

    Thank you,
    Charles Vaclavik

Best Poem of Katharine Tynan

Any Woman

I am the pillars of the house;
The keystone of the arch am I.
Take me away, and roof and wall
Would fall to ruin me utterly.

I am the fire upon the hearth,
I am the light of the good sun,
I am the heat that warms the earth,
Which else were colder than a stone.

At me the children warm their hands;
I am their light of love alive.
Without me cold the hearthstone stands,
Nor could the precious children thrive.

I am the twist that holds together
The children in its sacred ring,
Their knot of love, from whose close tether
No lost child goes ...

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The Foggy Dew

A splendid place is London, with golden store,
For them that have the heart and hope and youth galore;
But mournful are its streets to me, I tell you true,
For I'm longing sore for Ireland in the foggy dew.

The sun he shines all day here, so fierce and fine,
With never a wisp of mist at all to dim his shine;
The sun he shines all day here from skies of blue:
He hides his face in Ireland in the foggy dew.

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