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Devils Cake

He is so intensely angry
At everything that moves
his eyes, dull

The Creek

The place where crystal-clear water pulses
through the lush veins of the riverbed
where the moonlit fish flop
gracefully out of the shimmering water,

I Promise To Remain Clean, My Dear

In my dreams,
I sit upon your golden worthy lap
I stare into your orbs of absolute love
I promise,


I am speaking past the trees and old willows. Spanish moss grazing amomg the vines and limbs of tese enormous live oaks as we drive past marhes and cemetraries. The uneasy feeling of wanting and knowing fuels my efforts as i speak to the darkness.


Paris is just like me...
Its split;
The somewhat angry, snappy attitude of the people there along with the hopeless romance and beauty; amongst the variety and wonder the city holds.


There are times where i feel i am of neither sex. Merely a being of absolute sanctity. Floating along at the edge of life, splashing between both states of sanity while sploshing around noisily with the mental nut case i am inside of my own impenitrable insanity.


Twas merely nothing more then a lowly, broken little, dead girl before stricken upon by life; the absinitty that had once voided my corrupted soul, subsided. Warmth and happiness surged in as if willed by mighty seraphs; Submerging my heart and soul lovingly with a new, keen sense of meaning and prospect on life.

Blasphemous Prejudice

That moment where you're organ's numb, and your heart sinks into the bottom of your feet while you sob relentless of the absolute uselessness it holds.
'Why? ! ' Some may cry out in the midst of their despair...
'Frankly my dear, it is because he never truly loved you.'

The Life Of Her

You can see the resentment and annoyance in her glowering emerald eyes as she spies upon him. His disdainful, trick smile, she despised him.. Yet, loved him, his cruel, twisted smile amongst his beastly eyes. The way he contorted their bodies together in an arrogant way of his dominance, and strength.

Bondage By Love

I never knew, nor, expected to discover what Love felt like this way- The pain and suffering the agony true love holds, beneath it's seemingly warm and cuddly shell...
It may have well been my deadly fate lying before my eyes as soon as they first lay their greedy eyes upon me.

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