Katie Huntress

Rookie (march 6,1990)

Katie Huntress Poems

1. Those Thoughts 11/6/2005
2. Gone 11/10/2005
3. So Much 11/10/2005
4. I Know 11/10/2005
5. Don'T Worry 11/10/2005
6. Someone Like You 2/17/2006
7. Not Yet Goodbye 2/28/2006
8. My Own Being 3/10/2006
9. Silent 3/31/2006
10. Life Goes Away 3/31/2006
11. To Susan 3/31/2006
12. I Am Broken 4/14/2006
13. Worked It Out 10/21/2005
14. Just To Let You Know 10/24/2005
15. Don'T Keep It In 11/2/2005
16. Deep, Down 11/3/2005
17. Withdrawn 11/3/2005
18. True Colors 11/4/2005
19. Can'T You See It? 11/6/2005
20. Don'T You See It? 11/6/2005
21. Kayla 11/6/2005
22. Finally 8/14/2006
23. Ripples 3/8/2007
24. In My Eyes 10/21/2005
25. Story Of My Life 2/17/2006
26. As I Sail Across The Ocean 4/14/2006
27. Father Of Mine 4/14/2006
28. Different 4/14/2006
29. Please, God, Please 4/14/2006
30. Meets The Eye 3/31/2006
31. Close Your Eyes 10/25/2005
32. No One Is The Same 10/21/2005
33. I Am Sorry 11/3/2005
34. To My Friends 11/2/2005
35. They Are Real 11/4/2005
36. Looking At Life 3/8/2006
37. Rose 11/6/2005
38. Tommy 11/6/2005
39. Mirror 11/7/2005
40. Some Statistic 8/22/2006

Comments about Katie Huntress

  • Poet Dragon (4/14/2006 12:57:00 PM)

    In the pace of two poems I think I fell in love with a part of this writer. Her poetry is phenomenal, and her heart is true. It isn't just anyone who could conceive such lack of craving for convention and break a little bit of starkness into her work until you thank yourself for taking the time to read her work.

    Chin up, Float your heart
    grasp time by its tail and swing...
    You are a force, a power,
    love that and do not turn away.

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  • Ashely Jensen (11/14/2005 10:20:00 AM)

    I really like it it is very dark and truthful about your life. A lot of people dont understand what you are going through so just let out your feeligs just dont do anything stupid ok.

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  • Mary Nagy (11/2/2005 3:59:00 PM)

    You write from your heart and that is the most wonderful poetry of all. Keep writing, you have a real talent. Your poems have really touched me, I will think of you. Sincerely, Mary

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Best Poem of Katie Huntress

Who Will?

Picking up the pieces
That I have left behind
Wanting to be whole
Would be the easiest way

Who will teach me to drive
Or help me pick out my graduation dress
Who will be there to talk to
When failed a test

Who will go to my graduation
Or even walk me down the aisle
Who will try to do their best
To just see me smile

You chose drugs
You chose not to write
I have tried my best to have your love
But you still don’t care

I don’t want to hate you
But I am still not telling you its okay
Someday you will see
What you let go

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What Am I Doing Here?

what am i doing here?
why do people care?
its not like i am worth anything,
i can't do anything except write,
and most of them are depressing,
they just make people sad,
what am i doing here,
it seems people just want me here to make me unhappy,
their is nothing i need here,

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