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Kayode has been working at the intersection of sustainable development Goal's and education for years now and finds the most inspiration when he's collaborating with emerging leaders who are trying to make the world a better place for all. He has BA.Ed in Social studies education from the better by far university of Ilorin. He is a, TeachSdg Ambass ...

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Ilona Brandwacht 14 March 2008

hi; I really like youre poetry, you really discribe the fases of life and what a pursen has to go true in life Greetings Ilona

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Prasetya Utama 01 April 2008

Hi, I found your nice poem

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Kayode Peter Ogunleye 10 February 2019

Dear LeAnn, Good to know you student have interest in my poetry, kindly indicate which of the prom. Thank you.

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Leann 29 January 2019

My students have chosen one of your poems for study. Can you add a comment about the poem

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Onitunu Olu 29 August 2013

interesting poetic mind. love it all. #fyi: read my poems...tell and critique. oligarchs itunu Ogunderu.

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Rose Falcone 02 May 2008

Kayode, There are countries in Africa that I feel called to, and eventually, when God tells me to go, I will go. This is a beautiful tribute to that continent. Keep writing.

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Lindsay Sweety Sours 10 April 2008

i really like your LIFE and WAR poem. it has a lot of heart put in to it..and it shows a lot of feeling

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The Best Poem Of Kayode Ogunleye


People call it a believe
Some call it tolerance
But faith justified a person
By faith we are sanctified
And experience joy
By faith we became
Free from condemnation
Faith gives us assurance and fulfillment
Cos faith without work is dead
Live by faith
Walk by faith
Continue in faith
Do everything by faith
Grow in faith
Demonstrate faith by good works
Combine faith with hope and love.

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Kayode Ogunleye Popularity

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