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till up now
I did'nt understood yet
what she wants
what her thinking about me

wild horses appetite
like human appetite
a worshipful sex
that deviate

Early Saturday morning,
We went to the water roundabout
we have been waited by the car.
We walked straight passed the palace

Do you still remember
when we in the morning go up
in the same train
you fallen down

past, present and future
feelings churning
until the bottom of my heart
tore the walls of reason

When I want to write history
Apparently there are many facets that must be written
Side of the Master, winner of the war
Side of Mr. Small, who lost the war

black butterfly
float the above jasmine
really I do not understand

In Java land
The Beauty and The Beast depicted
With the beautiful face and gentle
Slim body on the right

lizard fall
above my head
when we
sit both

I await
in sittingroom

awaiting you come


I have hear the
night song
when wind blow
what fantacy

I stand on the railway balustrades
To my hometown
I saw the railwaytrack move quickly
farther and farther from me

older man always chosen president until ilness
and never talks about coruption, collution of his cronies
change with another generation,
who talk reformation, but the otherside to become thief too

Last night I was a dream
About your house
Were the roof leaks everywhere
A green-painted house dull

In my dream, last night, I met my friend,
He invited me to go to the carpenter
Together with my wife are looking for frame
I’m tired and felt better to wait in the carpenter workshop

I flown the above cloud
swooping from height
from blue sky
blue sea

In the frontyard and leftside of my grandpa house
When the padi harvests and holiday came
I certainly went to my grandpahouse
Where before and after the harvests we have a religiousmale together

Around the temple procession Barongsai
Colorful ready around town
With the sound of drums and kencreng
A sensitizing teling

My cat's name
daughter brought
since I was a baby

The Vases were rolled back
my wife wake up
“Who rolled back these flower vases?

Prasetya Utama Biography

I was born in Kutoarjo,7 January 1949.Education: From 1955 to 1961 studied in the state elementry school.1961-1964 studied in Yunior High School.1965-1968 studied in Senior High School. Almost 12 years live in Wates county, the district of Kulonpprogo (Yogyakarta Province) . Studied in International Relation Science, Social Political Department at Gajahmada University, Yogyakarta (1968-1973) . Studied Law and Society in Udayana University Denpasar Bali(1974-1979) , studied philosophy in Literary Department, Indonesia University (1984-1988) . Communication Science at Open University.)

The Best Poem Of Prasetya Utama

Angry Women

till up now
I did'nt understood yet
what she wants
what her thinking about me
what her feeling on me
that I only to know
is why she was angry
so fast
as her mouth open
shooot many words
when I tired
just came from
my office journey

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Prasetya Utama 04 December 2012

bacalah bacalah bacalah, saya yakin kamu akan membaca

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Kok menyuruh baca, tetapi dikau tiada di PoemHunter kini. Saya mau membaca, tapi syairmu tiada. Terima Kasih, Rekan

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