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Sorry if I don't believe you.....

I don't know what's true anymore,
People say a lot of stuff,

Magic is real
I have experienced it
I've felt it
I've been engulfed by its aura and transformed by its benevolence

When the mind wanders into a distant realm
one of infinite possibilities and countless stars.
When thought changes focus and gaze upon hope,
been herald by tomorrows coming

I sat For a moment, thinking all was well and in Order, so i closed my eye to rest a while.
Few minutes i dozed, but was awakened by
stench of murder, lawlessness had taken
over the city i knew and it seems to be

Where words fail to expree how I feel,
I hope my Silence does,
As lips part way as though to say a word or two,
Tongue searching for the right one to use,

Am rolling on my bed,
Turning and twisting in between the blanket
Praying sleep come take me for a ride,
For my heart has clouded my mind.

Someday you will understand
why I had to go
even though it hurt us both.
Through tears you wished i stayed

On sweet cold night an angel was born
With eyes so charming they made heart run
Beauty so gleaming they made head turn
And the heart of kings the angel won.

As a child,
I yearned for adulthood,
Wore my fathers robe,
Walked, talked and acted as a man would,

Please do not forget me
I could live with anything
But not you forgetting me
Cos in your heart there I would rather be

I held you once,
My arms around your waist
Your ear listening to my every heartbeat
And I never wanted to let go

I have been looking at the stars for a longtime
Waiting upon shooting stars
Just so I could make a wish.
I have been watching the moon soar the night sky

I try to read,
Then i heard a voice calling,
Enchanting like the falls of water from a fountain.
I hear a whisper,

My name would remain on her lips,
Like the kiss of a lover on the lips of his love.
She would speak of me like i were the only one to grace her abode.

Paradise was the day u were born,
roses blossom,
fragrant spring flourished,
mum smiled and father rejoiced.

Am learning to see through blindeyes, for the beauty of perfection couldnt be appreciated through normal sights,

I'm touched by the aura of beauty around me, the rustling songs of trees, whooshing beats made by the winds, echoning chatters of birds, insects and d wild

So am here thinking about what to write,
And you out there a million mile away totally out of sight,

Friends we were,
feelings we shared,
time we spent,
jokes we told

The Open sky,
the beautiful lies shed beneath it.
The starry heavens,
they watch as hearts knitted, and love blussomed.

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This Is Not A Poem

Sorry if I don't believe you.....

I don't know what's true anymore,
People say a lot of stuff,
Some they mean,
And others they don't.
The words they mean, said so jokingly you would assume it a sick one.
And the words they do not mean, said with all seriousness, believing every detail said seems so easy.

I don't believe in promises anymore,
Inshort I have no idea what that is.
I have given my own share of promises and broken them like cracked nuts, chewed them and swallow each words like it never came out of my mouth.
I have heard promises made,
Some long term promises.
Who blames who if the person forgets?
He probably got a lot going on in his head.
Some promises, so short, sincere, looks easy to keep, yet gone with the wind when time to deliver beckons.

I don't believe in love anymore,
How easily is one deceived by such grandeur of affection?
How easily does it come out from our mouths?
Cloaked with different attire just to soothe the occasion.
Love is nothing but a means to an end,
Or is it the end of a means?
Eventually someone gets hurt,
Just a matter of time.
Its just one of those natural phenomenon that never attains equilibrium,
One person always loving more than the other,
One person always expecting more from it.
One person definitely getting hurt.
Like a merry-go-round,
We hop in,
Enjoy the ride,
And out we go.
Some enjoy the thrill of the ride,
Others? Not so much to say.

I don't believe in anything anymore,
What's there to believe in anyways?
That a turbulent wave becomes gentle afterwards?
'Wow, Great! ! ! !
Bless you if you alive to see the calmness of the wave'
Or do we believe there's light immediately after the darkness of the tunnel?
'What you doing in there in the first place?
Lucky you if you find the light in the darkness'

I don't believe in this words I have written,
Though written by my own hands as envisioned in my mind.
The mind plays trick,
There is a thin line between what's real and what's not.
And my thoughts dances around it.
Sanity is what's called when it wanders into the real axis,
And psychosis when it wanders into the what's not lane.
I guess in that brief moment this was birthed.

....This is not a poem, this is just me not believing in Me.

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Relationship are much like grooming a flower, it needs proper watering. When watering of the flower seizes the flower starts to wither

Craziness peeped through my creative mind and she said I was crazy

If I decide to give a fuck to every damn words people say, preety sure the world would have many bastards

Slowly Memories Fade, but the writing and the works of sages, poet, Inventors, innovators and reformers lives for generations to come

When you in love Every CRAZY thing done Seems SO ROMANTIC and when you fall awt of it those ROMANTIC things seems so INSANELY STUPID and pisses the shit out of You

You can't change the past.....why bother? ...linger too much in the thought, you only get pulled down....Tomorrow is yet to come...GET PREPARED, that is one day you can change

Only those scared of the past are afraid of the Future and whatever it Holds

Worry Never really did anyone Good. Well, Only the Doctors.

It is easier to Blame the devil other than ourselves for our own misdeeds. His he not the Great Deceiver? Everyone knows that. But we forget our decisions are entirely our own.

Ideas maketh man, while success changes him.

The Future is like a Fresh Page, it doesnt matter what has been written in the past, what matters is what you put down next. You can either choose to err or you write yourself a new story

Best way to sell your Ideas to the world is by making it work, or by proving to the world it can and it will.

There is a thin line between Dreams and Realities. It takes a Creative mind and a Concious spirit to intercept this line and create a realm of infinite Possibilities.

I Am Not Weird, Neither am I anti-social, there are just times in my life when the only company I cherish are; Me, Myself and My thoughts.

There are journeys we need to make on our own, with only the stars and moon to guide us, maybe only after then would we really discover our true potential.

Knowledge is like a vast ocean, it takes a curious mind, a bold heart and an endless thirst for enlightenment to sail through the storm of it.

Vision is what keeps a Man going even while the journey seem unattainable.

Cherish those brief moment when the mind wanders into the Realm of Impossibility, because times like that are when the most amazing Ideas are born.

I have come to understand people will always talk, So I Learnt to choose whom I listen to.

We Need to Learn to say Thank you to the friends who care and got your back and so long to the ones who don't.

To Understand, you have to be willing to go Under before you can Stand.

Memories are a Reminder of the 'Us' we used to be, the 'Fun' we used to have and the 'Battle' we've Faced, Cherish Them

Many say, The Best part of Memories is Creating them, well I quite disagrEe, the Best part is Reliving them. There's that Smile on your face, that reminds you how good those days felt. That smile is what memories is all bout

Correct me if am wrong, chastise me if I falter, reprimand me when I err, by no means leave me to my own folly

A leader is not one who ask things to be done 'His Way' it is He who says 'Come how Best can we do these things'

Focus on moments that make you smile. Focus on people who make you want to give your best. That's the only way to get the best out of life

If what I want is different from what you want and if I can't compromise just as you can't to get what we both want why else do we keep bickering on who gets what he wants? It's really hard understanding the nature of men most times

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