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Best Friends Forever, More Like Sisters

Through thick and thin no matter what
Even when you have a broken heart
And everything seems to hit like a dart,
I'm here.

Hurting Inside

Depression hurts
inside and out.

On the inside your heart tears

Love, Pain, Blood And Death

Love is her murder

Please Don'T Leave Me Alone

Pain is unrevealing
Loneliness is perfectly normal
Every moment goes on
At least until one goodbye


She lays on the ground,
This demon man hates,
She's crying and not found,
He stands there and waits.

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I'm a teenager striving to find a purpose. I have some amazing friends, but I have been hurt by quite a few people I called my friends. When I'm not at home hiding away from all the yelling and pain, I'm at school probably getting bullied and hiding that away as well. I believe poems are a good way expressing things, but not all of my poems are rel ...

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