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On a cow dung
After a fight in class
For revenge I guess

Making ends meet
In the universe
Needs courage
The falling might be Unbearable

We were only 10 with big dreams
So much into each other
Nothing was a secret to either of us
The light in our world was brighter than a whole worldly darkness

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The Beauty Within.

On a cow dung
After a fight in class
For revenge I guess

With the help of another
A treaty is signed
To restore our friendship

Every corner we checked
No suitable jobs
To get us outta money struggles

With sand filled feet
In a company's office
To deny us the vacancy

Boiled cabbage nights
Couldn't be detected in morning faces

With positivity on the lead
Seeked God's help
For in him we trusted

Every moment with her was memorable
A chiriku she is
But keeping safe the eggs in her circle

With love she treats
A pure heart she got
The queen of the gods

If she can't be kept
Then she shouldn't be forgotten
For the beauty within.

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Do what you think is right till you understand the reason as to why they said ti's wrong. This is the best way to grow for it urges those who listen to your testimony since it was out of experience. Don't be pushed, their is strength and power in every step.

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