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Kelvin Rush is the author of ten books. He’s written and published over one thousand poems, most of which are included in his book “Birth Slave Die” released in 2019.

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The Meaning Of Life

You keep on asking as if we're blessed
There are no answers for us to digest
Man has no insight to the meaning of life
It's futile and full of pain and strife

Think about anything that comes in your head
Then never forget one day you'll be dead
It's hardly surprising that no one is sane
The drugs and the booze the lies and the pain

The reason for living is not found in a book
It's like having a dream but you never wake up
It can't be explained by sight or sound
It's magnificent and godlike immense and profound

It's short and sweet it's bitter and pure
It offers you thrills but gives you no cure
It's bloody and quaint it's violent and cruel
It pretends to be saint but acts like a fool

It rises in many and renders you weak
It causes such heartache it's coy and discrete
It knows you will suffer before you give in
It's cunning and stunning and determined to win

It shines like an angel it oozes with joy
It's willing and able to kill and destroy
It moves off in silence then strikes like a snake
God help all the ones who lie in its wake

It's confusing and baron and incredibly wise
It's intrusive and Aaron it laughs and it cries
It pretends to be clean when in fact it infects
It's rude and obscene and hard to detect

It always reacts and never forgets
It retains all its strength from the ones it protects
It creates then dictates then destroys all that's good
It debates and dilates and feeds off your blood

It's rigid and torrid corrupt and insane
It thrives on emotion like anger and pain
It lurks like a virus it's patient and calm
It's willing and able with swagger and charm

It comes out of nowhere with fire and gust
It's heartless and cold it's bold and robust
Nothing on earth can stand in its way
It flatters and shatters and batters its prey

So before you ask what's the meaning of life
Just remember my friend we're dumb and so blind
We're specs on this earth of no consequence
We're meaningless parasites an insignificance

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Kelvin Rush Popularity

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