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kemurl fofanah Poems

1. The Man Of America 11/30/2010
2. You Must Go On 12/3/2010
3. Deceiption 12/19/2010
4. I Will Follow You 1/9/2011
5. The Young New Poet 1/30/2011
6. Varnity 1/30/2011
7. My Duty Promise 2/3/2011
8. Good Statues 2/3/2011
9. Human TendencıEs 10/10/2011
10. Stilled Hope 12/29/2011
11. Give Me Your Hand 12/29/2011
12. The Missings 12/29/2011
13. The Mission 12/30/2011
14. Human Nature 12/26/2011
15. Imagined 12/29/2011
16. The Place Of Good And Evil 12/30/2011
17. Obligational Game 12/30/2011
18. Play Back 1/2/2012
19. One Love 1/2/2012
20. His Dream Speech 1/2/2012
21. We Were Helpless 1/6/2012
22. I Was Born And Raised 1/6/2012
23. The Love Then 5/30/2012
24. The Call Of The Azan 6/1/2012
25. What Is Your Dream? 6/1/2012
26. The True Kemurl 6/1/2012
27. Hold On Me 9/4/2012
28. Burning Soul 9/7/2012
29. The Lost Pride 9/9/2012
30. My Religion 9/9/2012
31. My Loss 9/9/2012
32. Song Of The Voiceless 9/10/2012
33. Empty Can 9/11/2012
34. The Artists 9/11/2012
35. Look At Me 9/11/2012
36. African Woman 9/12/2012
37. Alone 9/12/2012
38. Your Name In The Sky 10/12/2012
39. Redeeming Mercy 10/24/2012
40. Don'T Tamper With Them 10/29/2012
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Africa Has A Soul

From the mouth of asmara
To the ears of praia
I see a soul
From the desert of tunis
To the flats earth of cape town
I see a soul clinging to the skin of africa

From the tombs of cairo
To the ports of abuja
I feel a soul
From the grains of rabat
To the giant isle of antanarivo
I feel a soul clutched to the skin of africa

From the stem of kilmanjaro
To the gentle rains of victoria falls
I hear a soul
From the shores of tripoli
To the jungles of congo
I hear a soul whaling in skin of africa

From the dusk of bamako
To ...

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I Will Follow You

oh gentle heart, why hath thou spin blood so hurriedly?
has she threathen thee to bark with and without her presence.
since you hold her memory, you have never slept.
why heart, why did you let her presence make a turn against
my direction.
please heart speak, do not be sceard i am your keeper,
thou you hold me.
i had saw a woman who had the light to brighten the world
and you lay quiet as if she mean nothing.

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