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i promenade through passages
of crusted, concrete memory
and revel in plasticity

All I want for Christmas is Peace
All I want is war to cease
In the homes and on the street
Peace on earth and joy to greet


Saturday morning
brisk, late-fall chill,

I am a yellow dog
who would rather be
a toad. Too many frogs

she fell in lust with you
what was she to do?
little versed in sex
her first would be your next

I am Snow, I am
I am cold, be damned
I am silent long
I am silent song

Henry David Thoreau was not a recluse or hermit
It’s true he spent many hours in solitude at Walden,
writing and contemplating nature; however
he frequented the town of Concord when the

Another chance to be the cad
Presents itself in guise of lad
Intent on causing mindless grief
Through wicked strokes of master thief

typically Memorial Day
is cold and gray

He pushed his 300-pound body
as father withdrew
way back to the Delaware
to Thunder Road and Wounded Knee

Brother Jesse thinks he’s black
You and I know better than that
Brother George thinks he is white
You and I know that’s not right

Flecks of wisdom in my beard
Short gray hairs twisting weird
Reminding me of days long past
When life for me went by too fast


absurdity reeks
sun bleached shore to mountain peak
apathy now speaks


Lust, you vicious fiend
Clad in cloak of earnest love;

Yestermorrow days
Of hazy summer substance

Haiku, like beauty
Is beheld by diverse eyes

thursday night folly,
the weekend hard on my heels;
monday morning death


Watchful walk through woods
Reveals ecological


So she said,
“Write, you whore…”
and I thought…I am
a whore, that is

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flexing my fingers and stretching my senses soon to be posting attacks and defenses (wink))

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i promenade through passages
of crusted, concrete memory
and revel in plasticity

the silent, satin shackle
that binds my heart absurdly;
ingratiates my privacy

our mutual psychoses
festooned in stately pageantry;
liberates my lethargy

in tilted shades of
symmetry...I relish

moments squandered
recklessly—void of
needed harmony

i lanquish—faded
intent on inane

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Michael Shepherd 10 February 2005

Hi Kenneth, I really enjoy your poems. However, as you may know, this site has some vigorous (bruised?) atheists and agnostics - so don't expect much comment. But don't be discouraged - keep at it, which I'm sure you will. You have a delightful musical ear for verse. Best, Michael.

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Maggie Just May 05 June 2006

I have commented on the poems I think are 'keepers' from this collection, Ken. Now, rouse yerself man! Trawl through your collection and press to get that ultimate Kenneth 'Snow' Poemhunter ebook and show some of these teabags your best moves.

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Andy Konisberg 17 April 2005

whole lotta shakin' goin' on, Kenneth. I think you've written some of your best stuff recently, and you weren't no slouch before neither.

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Solitary Man 31 March 2005

I keep dipping in to your poems, Kenneth. Versitility with verse & consistent clarity.

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Jackson Kilroy 27 March 2005

Have haiku, will travel.

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Michael Shepherd 20 February 2005

Just re-read your poems, Kenneth. I'm envious beyond shame, of your lyrical ear. Thanks again.

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