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The wheel of life
So you will smile again
My friends.

As I breathe in a still twilight.
Trees silently wait for the kiss of life.
The cold fading sunset is serenaded by the Winged choir.
Sending the unwritten song.

When rain dances steps of silver
In unseen ballet shoes
Hazy sunshine lights the fuse
Of waiting Autumn hues.


will never leave you.
though she said goodbye.
You'll see her

If you're down to your last chance
Take it to the street and dance.
Backed by a lone heartbeat
Let the rhythm move your feet.

I love my fantasies.
Golden ships on purple seas.
And feathered flock
Of vivid green,

Tulips and her
two lips that were
meant to be mine.
Fallen roses


Call me mad as a love crazed moon
Beaming to a lonely sea
Aching so silently
Bleeding since you left me.

Oh Daisy
Please don't be blue.
The sunshine
That I feel from you

The aching in my heart
Like sweetest kiss of scent
From love's bouquet.
As I fly into summer sky of blue

In the shower
Holding you close
Kissing you closer.
You moonshine eyes burning.

Liquid colours
In the sun.
Music on the run.

I breathe
Through my memories
Or I would die.
I run through constant streams

Optician can you help me see
Beyond my nose, beyond the pain
Or is it not down to optometry?
If love is blind do i need a white cane

You came just in time.
I'd written my last rhyme.
As the sunset drained
The moonlight waned

One rose crushed still lives.
A heartbeat hushed still gives
An aura
Of flora


Long ago
I still see their faces glow
Those people who i grew to know
And loved along the way.


Chloe, i hang onto the past
Like a chandelier in a darkened room
But your hope is in the future
As light emerges from the gloom.

Where have they all gone.
Those smiles that shone
like lights on a lake.
Or the sun

I had to let her go.
That's real love you know.
When all our bells had rung.
And the famous fat lady had sung.

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Hi I am Kevin East i have been writing poetry since I was 14. I'm now 68. I have had various exhibitions of my work locally and also had a few published. Few years ago I won a UK poetry competition for Buckinghamshire. I have read publicly at many different.venues. All my poems are taken from my life and are true and all my own work. Please comment on my work I always welcome that. My work is copyright so for anyone who wants to copy or alter them you will need my permission. My hero is John Keats and my passion is music. Peace and love)

The Best Poem Of Kevin East

The Wheel Of Life.

The wheel of life
So you will smile again
My friends.
And for every heart that yearns,
Waits a love
That never ends.
So remember,
Kissed by a sky of blue
Cannot resist
A return to you.
After your heart
Is stabbed by darkest nights,
Hope's grotto
Is revealed.
With sweet jasmine kites
Of Spring.
Scars, with softest kisses
Are healed.
And petalled bells will ring
Through the flora
Of unseen avenue.
In the aurora
Of an astral blue.
As the sunlight adjourns.
The wheel of life turns.
You may hear the angels
Bill and coo.

Kevin East.

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Kevin East Popularity

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