[oh Daisy] Dreams To Spare. Poem by Kevin East

[oh Daisy] Dreams To Spare.

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Oh Daisy
Please don't be blue.
The sunshine
That I feel from you
Warms my very soul
Right through.
And I have dreams to spare.
Do not leave your chair.
Just close your eyes
Drink the skies
And hold my hand.
Together we will rise
To walk upon the air.
Then Daisy
You will understand.

Oh Daisy
The summer is now through.
Fields of flowers
That winter slew,
Leave petals
That a north wind blew
- Into total disarray.
Yet your smiles
Live on
As you bend and sway.
To leave your scent
On ashen grey.
Meadows frown,
In morning gown.
As trees display
Their rigid charcoal stance.
To Heaven.
That whispers to us
To dance!
As I have dreams to spare
Just wink
And toss your hair.
Your carriage
Will soon be there.
Spraying a silver slipstream,
A cotton candy gleam.
That nimbus clouds
Now wear.
Trust your lips
And sweet
And wait.
The magic of imaginings
Will decorate
Unborn rainbows
And sunsets late.
Untied pink bows
On a golden plate,
To wrap our love.
Look above!
Oh Daisy
Please don't be blue.
Our souls will touch
Just believe
It's true.
I have dreams to spare
For you.

Princess Lilypad 07 September 2013

You use very visual concepts in your writings. nimbus clouds. like it very much. ten!

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Beach Girl 15 August 2013

Fields of flowers That winter slew, Leave petals That a north wind blew- Into total disarray This is so beautifully written. Your words are like desert for the mind.

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Poetheart Morgan 02 January 2013

OH! Happy Dayse. But, If Dayse wants more than dreams? ? ? ? ? ? Happy she is! ! ! !

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Gajanan Mishra 02 January 2013

Just believe it is true. good. Thanks. I invite you to read my poems and comment.

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