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Do you hear the Whisper Men?
The Whisper Men are near.
If you hear the Whisper Men
Then turn away your ear.

I had lots of vacation,
went swimming and biking.
I went to the train station,
because I wanted to go hiking.

Life is too short to start your day
with broken pieces of yesterday,
it will definitely destroy your
wonderful today and ruin

Laughter is a melody,
A concert from the heart.
A tickling by the angels,
Creative living art.

Have you ever wondered when the time
will come again
That you feel like you want
to get up in the morn again

At the end of this Rainbow
With light in your eyes
You will see much magic
Bringing greatest surprise

Yellow Fever strikes with anger,
People fill with sense of danger.
As the city die and graveyard grow,
A lonely child waits for snow.

Books are keys to
wisdom's treasure
Books are gates to
lands of pleasure

God is my shelter and my strength,
In Him I find my peace and rest,
Without Him, I have no life,
He put me always on the right path!

A friend is like a flower,
a rose to be exact,
Or maybe a brand new gate
that never comes unlatched.

What is happiness
I hear you say?
What helps us smile
On those dreary days?

Moon, oh, Moon,
I wonder where you are,
We only see your near side,
but not the far.

If you want peace,
you have it.
When you want peace,
you can make it.

Your doom is here,
the end is near,
but you won't give up and surrender.

War and peace
are never alike.
Thousands march,
and thousands slayed.

Dark, dark rider,
storms through the
silent eerie night.
He strikes rapidly

If I could paint us as stars
in the fabric of the universe,
I find myself
to be the black hole

The beauty of the sunset,
Tells us something each day,
That another day has ended today,
The beauty of sunrise,

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Do You Hear The Whisper Men

Do you hear the Whisper Men?
The Whisper Men are near.
If you hear the Whisper Men
Then turn away your ear.

Do not hear the Whisper Men
Whatever else you do.
For once you've heard the
Whisper Men
They stop...
and look at you.

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Kevin Fang Popularity

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