Kevin J. Muricio Poems

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I Dream

I dream of ducks and horses, surpassing dark forces

I dream of adventure in the clouds, the dangers abound

The Milkshake

The shops formed The Milky Way
I was stranded to choose one
That would sooth my thirst
The milkman hadn't made his round

When A Nurse Smiles

There in the ward
In her whites she's walking
Without the cap twisted-
And you're too sick to live

Directional Pain

When Rocs was gone
I had to mourn
I looked at The North
And recalled her oath

The Principle Of Shooting

With one eye closed
Give her a wink
She's reading The I Ching
Wait, don't be impious

The Cow

My favourite animal is the cow
What it does makes it a wow
It has a tough hairy tail
That can fall a large pail

A Woman

I always feel pain, when a woman has to cry
Sometimes I wish, I could make her tears dry
But I always fear, getting misunderstood
Not by the woman, but by the men of the hood

Twenty First Century Love

Twenty first century!
The time of our lives
They say true-love was truncated
And so it is

A Mourn For Josephine

In her heart I found love
The love that always kill
Had a good heart, my dear Josephine
With her shiny smile;

Yuletide Love

For eons hence
Her praise, my heart's pride
Her breathe content with truth
With no dry moisture of serpentry

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