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I dream of ducks and horses, surpassing dark forces

I dream of adventure in the clouds, the dangers abound

The shops formed The Milky Way
I was stranded to choose one
That would sooth my thirst
The milkman hadn't made his round

There in the ward
In her whites she's walking
Without the cap twisted-
And you're too sick to live

When Rocs was gone
I had to mourn
I looked at The North
And recalled her oath

With one eye closed
Give her a wink
She's reading The I Ching
Wait, don't be impious

My favourite animal is the cow
What it does makes it a wow
It has a tough hairy tail
That can fall a large pail

I always feel pain, when a woman has to cry
Sometimes I wish, I could make her tears dry
But I always fear, getting misunderstood
Not by the woman, but by the men of the hood

Twenty first century!
The time of our lives
They say true-love was truncated
And so it is

In her heart I found love
The love that always kill
Had a good heart, my dear Josephine
With her shiny smile;

For eons hence
Her praise, my heart's pride
Her breathe content with truth
With no dry moisture of serpentry


My name is Harrow, my heart's lame, and my soul's narrow
My mind's an arrow, I try to aim, but I hit no sparrow

That's how my rivals, bypass my flame, with wings of parrots

It's sunny in the morning
You look at the East
She's dressed in black
Her hair covered too;

Two ways can join
And so you don't fear
Going the wrong way
Two ways can part

The coat you wear
Gives the name you bear
If yours is long
You took it for a song

Then I walked with it
The hair with the spray
I heard their whispers
Praising my little grace

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I Dream

I dream of ducks and horses, surpassing dark forces

I dream of adventure in the clouds, the dangers abound

For am less a scaredy cat, and more a declared He-Bat

A statue on your Iroko tree, hanging on my own dreams

I dream sickly I could see, and flip weekly to the blue sea

I dream of light for my own sight, it seems right for my lone' flight

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May such a valiant dream come with flying colors. Dear poet, may you come with more intrepid poems.

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Kevin J. Muricio 19 July 2023

Thank you for your kind words. I will keep on sharing the poems. Inshallah.

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When an enemy takes your tea, they remember its hotness. When a friend takes your tea, they remember its sweetness.

Am 5ft5, but am taller than your family tree. For you are short of knowledge, your thinking is not free.

Blue is the color of calmness, worth a piece of freshness. It speaks of distance, like a script from the sky.

I used my pain to write my book of life

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