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In time Of need to you
i wasn't there indeed
it was my mistake
My friendship it is too costly


Love is a passion
Love is a potion
Love is a poison
Love is easy but

Love has no boundaries.
Love is great, mighty.
Love fears nothing.
Love struggle, love conquers.

I never felt a love
Like this before
It's a love like no other
Something I have always hoped for

You are the friend ill always treasure,
Ours is a friendship that none can measure.
Your confidence in me,
Makes me set my spirit free.

i have made most important discovery of my life of career
most important discovery of my life
is only mysterious equation of love
but i large about reason to be found

I want to see you.
Know your voice.
Recognize you when you

first come 'round the corner.

The days always seem gloomy
The nights are cold and lonely
Time also passes by so slowly
When I can't see you daily.

to my dear Mom.
Today is the beautiful day
We entered a new life
Happy Mother's Day

I'm so sad and depressed
Is all I want to do is rest
I go to sleep at night
But my dreams I just can't fight

I remember when we first met
I did not even care much about this relationship
but days weeks and almost years went by,
then i got close and closer to you and

i'm just LIKE A MONKEY
i'd rather take a beating
than sometime ignored me
i'm just LIKE A MONKEY

i miss the sun shining face in my life
it was disappear for long time
i miss the smile on your face before
i do have for who smile for me

Here I am in love with you@Mary
Here I am safe in your arms@Mary
Here where I feel the love tonight@Mary
The warmth of your love is burning deep inside me@Mary

What is my reason to I hate peoples?
What is my reason to anger to person?

What is it that is to be seen from thee?
Why is there no compromise?

I want to hold your hands & walk a miles
dont want to miss you even a while

My life is so beautiful caz
Dear. you entered in..My LIFE

But forever you will remain my friend
I don't know if this is going to work
i am not totally sure we should try
But i have all these mixed feelings

I feel like I've know you forever
Although I only meet you
sometime this past year
But our friendship will remain forever

it's really hard
to alway feel
like a lover

if i have just one wish, only one wish
my wish wake up with start like sun shining very day
ur breathing air on my lip and face
the warmth and hot air my face

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Sorry Sorry Sorry

In time Of need to you
i wasn't there indeed
it was my mistake
My friendship it is too costly
never people have to measure
A honey was lost
memories were post
in our minds the most to you
A friend me want to be you
And more worries you got
sorry, if i let you down
In the middle of the crowd
Sorry, I didn't get the point
Of being so depressed
Sorry, because i wasn't there
when you needed a teddy bear
mistake people do
bcaz i am human being
but they correct them due
There for you, i am going to be
if the west you are in
i will come you from the east
feel better, i want to make you
opening your heart, i want you
just to see a smile from the heart
i want to be a part of your body
of whom pushes the cart
the cart of stress
and make it fill with bless
and just for the record Skillet i hate
Sorry, sorry, sorry. :)
my sweetest friend... :))

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matodzi maemu 23 December 2018

Can you help me to publish my love poems online

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Khushi Throne 31 October 2011

just i am learning how create to my mind and thing new poem wrote.

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