Khushi throne

Khushi throne Poems

1. The Moment I Met You 10/26/2011
2. I Complete With You 10/26/2011
3. Event Which Is Beautiful 10/27/2011
4. Only Me And Me Loneliness 11/3/2011
5. What Is True Love? 11/22/2011
6. I Will Wait Forever For You 11/22/2011
7. My Wish And Only My One Wish 1/12/2012
8. ''sad Love Story'' 4/13/2012
9. Before We Meet 4/13/2012
10. • » αgαιη α вяσкєη нєαят « • 4/13/2012
11. Please Heal My Wounded Heart 4/13/2012
12. If You Can Not Complain 4/17/2012
13. Someone In My Way 4/21/2012
14. I'M Included With You 4/21/2012
15. The Cross Of Your Lips 4/27/2012
16. The Beauty Of My Mind 4/29/2012
17. We Will Meet Again Tonight 4/29/2012
18. You Got Only One Lover 5/4/2012
19. Morning Feelings 5/6/2012
20. The Greatest Love Forever 7/2/2012
21. Your Are My Lover 2/21/2012
22. Ofhh How Painful Dreams 2/21/2012
23. My Beloved 2/26/2012
24. I Have Many Questions 7/16/2012
25. I Hold Your Hand A Walk Miles 7/23/2012
26. Oh! My Pussycat, Oh! My Pussycat 7/27/2012
27. Your Smile 9/15/2012
28. True Love 9/14/2012
29. Summer Love 9/15/2012
30. Forever 7/3/2012
31. My Best Friends 7/3/2012
32. A Poet Want To Just Touched Me..! 11/9/2012
33. In Your Arms @mary 1/4/2013
34. I Miss The Rain 12/2/2012
35. Like A Monkey 7/3/2012
36. I Just Want One More Day With You 2/21/2012
37. I Miss You So Much 7/3/2012
38. Happy Mother's Day 3/8/2012
39. Missing You Terribly Meta 11/9/2012
40. I Want To See You. 11/6/2012
Best Poem of Khushi throne

Sorry Sorry Sorry

In time Of need to you
i wasn't there indeed
it was my mistake
My friendship it is too costly
never people have to measure
A honey was lost
memories were post
in our minds the most to you
A friend me want to be you
And more worries you got
sorry, if i let you down
In the middle of the crowd
Sorry, I didn't get the point
Of being so depressed
Sorry, because i wasn't there
when you needed a teddy bear
mistake people do
bcaz i am human being
but they correct them due
There for you, i am going to be
if the west you are in
i will come ...

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Event Which Is Beautiful

</></>Even that which is beautiful
Can sometimes bring pain,
So to love from the heart,
Is to invite the rain.
But to reach for the rose,
You must fear not the thorn,
So to love from the soul,
Is to embrace the storm.

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