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Kimberley Keller Poems

1. Leaving 9/22/2011
2. Canoe Race 101 9/22/2011
3. Live On 9/22/2011
4. A Poem 9/27/2011
5. Forever 9/30/2011
6. Battle Emotion 10/2/2011
7. Four Leaf Clover 10/2/2011
8. Help 10/2/2011
9. Battlefield 10/2/2011
10. Paradise 10/2/2011
11. Live A Little 10/6/2011
12. Short Thoughts 10/6/2011
13. Lie To Me (Song) 11/10/2011
14. Just Me 9/22/2011
15. Fleeting 9/22/2011
16. Empty 10/2/2011
17. Darling 9/22/2011

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Best Poem of Kimberley Keller


You're my sun
You're my rain
You're everything I need
You're my air
You're my pain
Without you I can't breath
Take a chance
Lay it down
Or you'll never ever know
What we have
It's profound
I can't bear to let you go

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You say you're here,
You say you care.
Then why do I fear?
Believe me I swear.

All I want is to let go,
Just ride the wave.
Hold you hand,
And just live the days.

But you're stuck,
Head in the sand- in the past.
And if you can't keep up,
I know this wont last.

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