Kimberly Hope

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Kimberly Hope Poems

1. A Life Changer 3/25/2015
2. A Soul To Feel 3/25/2015
3. All Alone 3/25/2015
4. (don'T) Close Your Eyes 3/25/2015
5. A Caged Freedom 3/25/2015
6. Can This Be Love 3/25/2015
7. Conquering Our Roller Coaster 3/25/2015
8. Cuts 3/25/2015
9. Death Is I 3/25/2015
10. Don'T Impress Me 3/25/2015
11. I Just Wanna Be Held By You 3/25/2015
12. I Am Afraid, My Darling 3/25/2015
13. I Wish To Be Alone Now 3/25/2015
14. I Never Knew 3/25/2015
15. I Want To Love You 3/25/2015
16. I'M Afraid, Love 3/25/2015
17. Let Me Understand You 3/25/2015
18. Let Me Forget You 3/25/2015
19. Lost And Alone 3/25/2015
20. Love In My Dreams 3/25/2015
21. My Ever After 3/25/2015
22. My Jealous Monster 3/25/2015
23. My One True Love 3/25/2015
24. My Only Wish... 3/25/2015
25. Mysterious Romantic Blush 3/25/2015
26. Old Or New, It's Love 3/25/2015
27. On Lock Down 3/25/2015
28. Rebound Girl 3/25/2015
29. Just Another Lie 3/25/2015
30. Why Should I Love You 3/25/2015
31. We Are 3/25/2015
32. A Lonely Demon 3/26/2015
33. Craziness 3/26/2015
34. This Is The Question 3/26/2015
35. Your Smile 3/26/2015
36. Walk The Line 3/26/2015
37. Hugs Are Free 3/26/2015
38. Why Did You Do This To Me? 3/26/2015
39. Fading Into The Unknown 4/29/2015
40. Lost 4/29/2015
Best Poem of Kimberly Hope

A Frightening Nightmare

I had a nightmare about you,
but their is nothing I can do.
I think that I ought to tell you,
only it's frightened me.
Frightened me so much;
I can not cry,
I am afraid to talk of anything,
in secret I am shaking wildly,
it feels as if my chest has been stabbed thoroughly.
This nightmare can not even be remembered,
yet is is so strong
that I can not even think straight,
it has frightened past relieving capabilities.
I don't understand any of this,
why would this happen?
Why me, you, even us?
Maybe if I can just let go;
let the ...

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A Caged Freedom

I wasn't born in a cage,
so why are you forcing me to live like I belong in one?
I have been trained not to speak,
not to ask, yell, or mourn,
otherwise their will be consequences:
consequences that force me to beg for mercy,
scream in my own honor,
and cry on a lonely, starless night.
No more shall I mourn or cry.

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