Dr. Antony Theodore Kindness Poems

An Act Of Kindness

The person that you
are kind to, maybe
inspired to be kind
to another and that

Spread Kindness.

Try to spread in love
the kindness
and mercy of God.

I Am Patient And Rich In Kindness.

The land of Judah is devastated.
Grasshoppers have destroyed
the harvest in the fields.

The Permanent Climate Of Divine Kindness

The permanent climate of divine kindness
is expressive in the experience of beauty
and in any good beyond ourselves.

Permanent Climate Of Divine Kindness

From the beginning of time
grace of God has been
woven into the fabric of our universe,
into the lives of all humanity.

When Kindness And Truth Meet

When kindness and truth meet in me,
when justice and peace shall kiss,
when i reach God's sanctuary
and the royal temple of the angels,

Kindness And Compassion

In fact, happy
brain expert
Dr. Richard Davidson
says his data

Bounteous Is Your Kindness.

In your great mercy
forgive me and turn to me.

Inmy affliction

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