Dr. Antony Theodore

Permanent Climate Of Divine Kindness - Poem by Dr. Antony Theodore

From the beginning of time
grace of God has been
woven into the fabric of our universe,
into the lives of all humanity.

The earth is crammed with heaven.
Every common bush is afire with God.
The love of God is universal.
God is determined to bless humanity.

When the sun shines on people,
Where birds gather seeds
without ploughing and harvesting,
where untended wild flowers
burst into bloom on rocky hills,
know in your heart and mind,
it is the permanent climate
of divine kindness

Topic(s) of this poem: god

Comments about Permanent Climate Of Divine Kindness by Dr. Antony Theodore

  • Denis Martindale (1/11/2016 6:22:00 AM)

    Cosmic Creator

    Praise the Lord for creating light and the formation of the heavens!
    For He, from the vast expanses selected this special space, for Earth:
    The Mother Planet... for upon this world was fashioned greatness,
    With a myriad of majestic miracles, born in a divine sequence,
    Like a configured musical composition, indeed, God's masterpiece!
    Behold, a sun and a moon! Yet our sun and our moon!
    Designed even before the waters of the world were divided!
    Then were the seas stretched out and the mountaintops set...
    Once in their appointed places, the stage was therefore complete.
    Then came the players in life's rich and passionate pageant.
    Behold, the creatures that were granted their times and their seasons:
    Out of the earth they peered, each asking, 'Who is our Master? '
    Out of the seas they peaked, out of the skies they stared,
    For there was no sovereign but the Invisible God,
    Yet Man, a little lower than the angels, was destined to rule!
    From Eden's soil where no sin soiled or stirred came primeval dust.
    God breathed upon that chosen handful of delicate dust to form
    Adam's handsome singular soul then Eve's beauteous second soul!
    Following the Fall, the Children of God's love brought forth new life,
    By uniting half and half, within the woman's wondrous womb,
    The pre-destined place for mortal procreation...
    Consider the exquisite wisdom of the ages: the challenge of children,
    The legacy of the Lord, but, chiefly, above all temporal forms,
    The blessing of love, for it is the foundation of all things fruitful!
    Indeed, if you have ever loved, or been loved, turn to God, this day,
    And, with the sincerity of a satisfied soul, say, 'Thank You! '
    God, the Cosmic Creator, envisioned and blessed and magnified love,
    This miracle of miracles, this splendour of splendours, this holy joy!
    There can be nothing more precious! For what is life without love?
    As it is written, 'Wherever God is, love is... for God is love...'

    copyright, Denis Martindale.

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  • (1/10/2016 4:11:00 PM)

    Absolutely beautiful imagery of the fabric of our universe, filled with all the wonder and awe of nature and life on earth. Fabulous truths written of how God nourishes and nurtures nature and life without any help from humanity. This poem is totally awesome! Thank you so much for this analogy of God's Divine Kindness, it is superb! RoseAnn (Report) Reply

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