Kindred velarde Poems

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By All Means Stay

Leave as you've done before to me

Leave for I can't bare to see you go


I've opened my gate
to which I wait.
I've given you the key
to which you'll need.

Like A Child

I remember when I was young,
playing all day in the sun.

I remember being young, looking up to see a face, I remember climbing trees going as high as I could go.

The Feeling You Feel

Hacker! You bashed your way into my heart and left nothing, but a bruise.

You took to me to your place in the sky and I haven't seen home since we arrived.


I long to be on a beach, sitting, sipping tea.

Waves fighting for a place to land gently on my feet.
The sand running through my fingers, glowing yellow and running oh so warm.

The Jury

Though you did not live a life of glory, you lived it with you head held high.
Though you had no excitement, no hate and no calamity, you lived a life of love hope and abundance.

In your travel of miles from home you stand before judgment, to decide where you should go. As a decision is being made your mind may run a thousand thoughts, but only one remains. The thought that if in this life all you've done is good and you've decided everything up to now why the sudden change?

Must Rest My Head

If in my dreams you reach me,
Why don't I see you in reality.
Why in these tender dreams I can touch your soft lips and feel the warmth of our kiss, why in my dreams are you so, vivid?

What's To Be Said

In a matter of time I've learned who I've become.
I wish no longer to bare a life of pain, my secret can no longer stay.

The faces that I have seen have always been the same, but now they're beginning to change.

The Only Thing Received

The most words go unsaid,
our life trials goes on in our heads.

Your image is not your own if you didn't know, your image is what others have said.

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