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I opened the window,
I allowed the wind to move in.
Now cyclone in my mind.
Thoughts are moving aimlessly.

You are still there in my mind.
You are so real,
Equally dream sometime
Like a distant star out of my reach.

The claws get deeper in your body, every day.
Pain is written all over your face.
The disease seems to have pushed you
Many years ahead.

Emptiness has covered my mind.
You were gone.
This was any way expected.
What I never thought,

Drops while he runs
Balconies high up await a catch
Find throws accurately in
Not making it to the ground in time

Colors of a Rainbow...
In tears, piercing light of joy
Makes a life glow!

I know how it is
When she smiles for others
And deep inside her a disturbed weather
Bangs the doors,

Under the same roof they live.
Yet they remain unheard to each other.
One is stuck with Facebook,
Glued onto her mobile is another.

To chase the cold away
Someone puts on sweater
Someone burns the dry leaves
And somewhere hearth becomes a fetter.

Rows of lamps lit up the place.
My home was also covered with lights.
You feared the darkness leaving a trace...
Few candles at the gate would make it right!

It was once for you
In the summer sun, the sense of gentle breeze
Stirred my heart.
The words of mine were shedding jasmine,

You didn't return.
Winter evening in my heart!
In the coldest corner the hope burns
And the mysterious smog keeps you apart.

The light finds it hard to get in.
Like weed in jungle
They grow since birth

Alphabets are like abstract images
Meaningless, they stand before you;
You went through them so many times
News they carry are no longer new.

Sita is our divine inner being
Gets lured every day by golden deers;
Greed for ostensible worthiness of luxurious world
Drives Rama's strength to chase without care.

Capricious weather shoved me onto the bed
Thoughts are assembling in my mind
Know, they would soon become a roaring crowd
They wouldn't let me lie

No sooner did you speak few words
Breaking the long silence
Than my accrued pain of distance broke free in tears
Like gushed out water from an open dam

In the darkness with many others
I stand in solidarity
With lit up candle in hand
To raise the cause of humanity and honesty,

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I opened the window,
I allowed the wind to move in.
Now cyclone in my mind.
Thoughts are moving aimlessly.
Some beliefs are uprooted,
Some fear to loose existence.
What stands out now, is reality.

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